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Help Electricka and her muses make more arts-related games available to the public by adding to the stock of the arts-related games publishes at this web site.

Many of the games and other diversions you will find on the games pages of this web site have been created by visitors. The feature in which Electricka publishes these original visitor puzzles and quizzes is called Arts Games And Other Diversions.

  • See and play these games by visiting Electricka's feature called Arts Games And Other Diversions: click here.

When it comes to games, there's always room for more. To encourage visitors to publish their original arts-related puzzles and quizzes, Electricka has declared the Arts Puzzles feature and the Arts Quizzes feature ByLine features. Electricka suggests that you explore the guidelines for these features now.

  • Submit your arts-related puzzle now at the page called Guidelines For ByLine Contributors—Arts Puzzles: click here.
  • Submit your arts-related quiz now at the page called Guidelines For ByLine Contributors—Arts Quizzes: click here.

To see if your puzzle or quiz is published, look for it at one of these features:

  • Your arts-related crossword puzzle will appear in Arts Puzzles feature alongside other arts-related puzzles for Electricka's visitors to solve.
  • Your arts-related quiz will appear in the Arts Quizzes feature alongside other arts-related quizzes for Electricka's visitors to solve.
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