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more about the arts games information clearinghouse

General information about arts games and gaming

Electricka invites you to contribute to the Clearinghouse what you know or think about arts-related games and gaming. Electricka will share your knowledge with visitors by publishing it at her feature called The World Of Arts Games And Gaming:

  • News about the people and agencies active in arts-related gaming; news about events.
  • Developments in the technology of arts-related games and gaming.
  • Links to relevant web sites.
  • Information about the people, places, activities, and agencies involved in arts-related games and gaming and what they do,
  • Descriptions of institutions active in the field of arts-related games and gaming and what they do.
  • Notifications of online or physical repositories that store or disseminate arts-related games or information about arts-related gaming.
  • Sources and repositories of arts-related games.
  • Games based on arts-related topics.
  • Any other appropriate arts-gaming topics.

sources of arts-related games

Electricka seeks to build up a list of references to sources of arts-related games that she can publish in these pages. A source is a game supplier, repository, publisher, publication, etc. Electricka will publish these sources for visitors to enjoy and utilize.

Clearinghouse discussion group

At the Clearinghouse Discussion Group, learn about what's happening in the world of arts-related games and gaming. Share with other visitors what you know about gaming contacts, links, news and current events, technology, announcements, and any other arts-gaming subjects suitable for sharing with visitors; exchange opinions and discuss issues.

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