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scavenger hunt card #5—the Modern Muses

Welcome to the Scavenger Hunt called the Modern Muses. This card contains your next challenge—the next item for you to find on your scavenger hunt.

Congratulations! So far, you've found the items on this Scavenger Hunt card marked "Found." You're now looking for the item marked "To Find."




Item Name Type Hint Or Clue Hunt Status
Geek, Electricka's consort Image Catch up with Geek somewhere on  Electricka's Orientation Tour. Found
The Shrine of The Muses Statement The shrine of the muses is a museum. Look for it in the Mythology pages. Found
Site dedication and Electricka's vision statement Statement These words are inscribed on one of the first pages a newcomer to this web site might visit. Found
Find the waving clown Animated Image Try a place where some fun is to be had. Found
Take Electricka's Quiz Quiz Now that you've found the waving clown, it should be easy to find where the quizzes are hiding. To Find
  • When you find the item you're looking for and the token for this Scavenger Hunt is nearby, click the token to open the next Scavenger Hunt Card.
  • Keep going until you come to your last hunt card; it will let you know that you're finished with your hunt.
  • If you opened this card by mistake or if you're confused about how to play, click in the Scavenger Hunt Box at the right of this page to learn more.
  • You can quit now and resume the hunt later. To resume the hunt from this point, just reopen this card.
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