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Getting started with features

Welcome to the features at Electricka's web site. At this page, Electricka explains the kinds of features you'll find at her web site and how to get started enjoying them. As you explore these pages, she and her muses want to get the most from them as you can, as easily as you can.



about getting started with features

In the world at large, a feature is a prominent or special article, story, attraction, entertainment, or department appearing regularly in a newspaper, magazine, or other periodical. Examples are political or sports columns, cartoons, op-eds, and letters to the editor.

At Electricka's web site, a feature is a special attraction, article, story, department, facility, exploration, or entertainment on a subject about the arts. Electricka's features are no different from other kinds of features except that they focus on the arts.

the list of features at electricka's web site

Menus are a handy way to navigate once you know your way around Electricka's web site, but probably the best way to get started exploring features at Electricka's web site is to take advantage of Electricka's page called the List Of Features At Electricka's Web Site. The List Of Features At Electricka's Web Site fulfills the purpose of a Site Map, but it's exclusively for features; it helps you orient yourself to them.

The List cites most of the major features Electricka offers. Once there, you pick a feature to explore, click the feature, and the page where it's located opens.

Here's how to get started using the List Of Features. It's as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Step 1—Visit Electricka's page called About The List Of Features At This Web Site. It explains how to use the page called The List Of Features At Electricka's Web Site.
  • Step 2—Once you've read what About The List Of Features At This Web Site has to say, click there to visit the page called The List Of Features At Electricka's Web Site.
  • Step 3—At the page called The List Of Features At Electricka's Web Site, click to visit the features you want to see.

NOTE: If you already know how to use The List Of Features At Electricka's Web Site, skip Steps 1 & 2 and proceed directly to the List.

finding relevant features fast

There are lots of features at Electricka's web site, possibly more than you care to explore. Navigation aids make it practical and easy to find just the features you want to see and to visit them.

Finding features fast at Electricka's web site is a matter of using her navigation aids efficiently. These aids help you decide which features you want to explore and to reach them. Once you decide on a feature you want to see, you just click to visit it.


Electricka's navigation aids eliminate dead ends, distractions, and wasted time. With them, you will be able to discover and explore new experiences in the arts that you might otherwise overlook; you will find it convenient to revisit them.

new and upcoming features

Electricka and her muses make it easy to know what's happening or what's soon to happen in the world of features at Electricka's web site. They offer concise rundowns on recently-published features and on features that are on their way, soon to be developed, or that are under serious consideration for addition to Electricka's web site.

  • See a list of features that have been recently added to Electricka's web site. Visit Electricka's page called What's New At Electricka's Web Site: click here.
  • See a list of upcoming features. Visit Electricka's page called What's Coming To This Web Site: click here.

Improving and adding Features

Electricka invites you to make your presence felt. If you're more than normally pleased with a feature, let her know. If you want to see a feature added, dropped, or changed, she invites you to make yourself heard.

Start by visiting Electricka's page called Improving & Adding Features. Then visit Electricka's Forums and participate in the Improving And Adding Features discussion.

  •  Visit Electricka's page called Improving & Adding Features now: click here.

beyond features—Electricka's Search Tool

Electricka's Search Tool is a keyword search engine similar in some respects to Google, Yahoo, and other Internet search engines. But the Search Tool is especially designed for searching Electricka's web site.

Electricka's Search Tool will help you find features, but there's more to find at Electricka's web site than that. The Search Tool will perform almost any type of search where the words on a page are the keys that unlock the door.


beyond features

Electricka's Search Tool is an excellent device for looking into nooks and crannies at this web site because it allows you to search for words contained on Electricka's pages. A page doesn't even have to belong to a feature for you to find it.

Electricka urges you to broaden your horizons by peering into nooks and crannies. Explore many of the pages Electricka has in store for you that do not belong to a particular feature. Browse; take your time; have fun; enjoy yourself. Searching with Electricka's Search Tool is one of the best ways to accomplish this kind of investigation.


Electricka and her muses wish you a Bon Voyage!



Electricka's Orientation Tour

If you haven't yet taken Electricka's Orientation Tour, it's probably a good idea to do so: click here.





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