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Improving & Adding Features

Electricka is searching for ways to make the features at her web site the very best they can be. For this, she needs your help. Take any one of the actions explained below and you will have played a big part in helping her help you, other visitors, and the arts generally.

Improve or add a feature now. Visit Electricka's forum for Improving And Adding Features

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electricka's manifesto on features

Electricka's views about features are summed up in this manifesto. She asks you to help her make it a reality; get involved.

Electricka's manifesto on features

Features are the mainstay of Electricka's web site. She wants every visitor's involvement with features to be a pleasant and valuable experience.

Electricka wants her features to:

  • Be relevant to the Arts.
  • Have integrity and value.
  • Incorporate the opinions, needs, preferences, and desires of her visitors.

In addition:

  • Visitors should have as little trouble as possible identifying features that match their interests.
  • Accessing pages with features relevant to visitors interests should be easy and quick.
  • A visit to a feature should be pleasant and rewarding.

Why Get involved?

In the best Ancient Greek tradition, Electricka has chosen to collect and publish visitor views on features democratically. Accordingly, she has established a forum at Electricka's Forums called, not surprisingly, Improving And Adding Features. There you are able to participate in Electricka's discussion group on features.

  • Submit ideas and suggestions for features to improve existing features or or add new ones.
  • Read more about how and why to add and improve features.
  • See that improving and adding features benefits you, other visitors, and the arts generally.
  • See what it means to improve or add a feature.
  • See member suggestions about feature improvements and new features; offer your own ideas.
  • Influence other members or learn from them.
  • Interact with Electricka and her muses.
  • Take polls and vote for ideas you like.
  • Keep up with polling and see results.
  • Start ideas you like on their way to becoming new and better features.
  • Find announcements and see news about improving or adding features.

get involved now

If you want to get involved and have a hand in shaping the arts, visit Electricka's Forums and participate in the discussion called Improving And Adding Features.

  •  Visit the forum called Improving And Adding Features at Electricka's Forums now: click here.

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