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Welcome to the place where The Muses give you a sneak peak at some of the exciting and worthwhile features that The Muses have in store for you at Electricka's web site.

On these pages, The Muses present synopses of new features that may be added to this web site in the future and of existing features that may be augmented or changed in significant ways.

about this feature

Feature additions and improvements are coming your way from Electricka via ETAF Staff. No promises, but the features cited on this page will give you a glimpse of the future. They are either under serious consideration by ETAF Staff or they're being planned or worked on even now.

None of the features in these pages can now be seen at this site, but stay tuned; they may well show up, some sooner, some later. Keep coming back to this page for news about the latest plans and developments.

Electricka's web site is brand spanking new. Even the page you're now reading is new. So for the time being we'll just wait 'til the dust settles down before we add anything more to this page. Please bear with us.

Thanks for your patience!

Works Done, Redone, and overdone

Redos in the arts are bold and risky undertakings. Why attempt to rework, repeat, or outdo the work of a master? Electricka and her cohort muses offer examples of works of art that have been done, redone, and overdone. In each case, they assess how well the redo turned out and ask whether it was wise to attempt it in the first place. As a whole, are redos a good idea or just a waste of talent?

  • Check the current status of this feature. Visit its draft page: click here.

Chat Rooms for ETAF Visitors

  • Start your own chat or join in a chat now in progress.
  • Put in your two cents or just sit back and listen to what others have to say.
  • Impromptu or scheduled discussions.
  • Remain anonymous. {Ref.}


about muse talk! and chat rooms

Electricka currently offers Muse Talk! for visitors who want to talk to other visitors online and in real time. Muse Talk! is simpler and easier to use than a full-fledged chat room service but does not have all the bells and whistles.

If your objective in communicating with others is to share information about the arts or to exchange your reactions to Electricka's web pages, Muse Talk! may be able to meet your conversational needs. Electricka recommends that you visit Muse Talk! soon and try it out.

MuseTalk! is running even as we speak. Visit MuseTalk! now and listen in on the conversation now in progress. MuseTalk! is a little like a town meeting. Feel free to break in any time you have something to say. Or introduce a new topic of your own.



The Muses want to know what visitors think about a variety of subjects ranging from desirable new features to their opinions and preferences about the arts. Visitors are also interested in what other visitors have to say about many of these subjects.

Polls about visitor ideas, opinions, and other issues will be taken as circumstances warrant. New polls are added and old polls removed as conditions dictate. Polls appear on the pages where they are relevant. One of the most common places for polls to appear are at discussion groups at Electricka's Forums. Polls are designed to be quick and easy to answer; they are structured in the form of questions that call for simple answers, such as yes/no or a preference number on a scale of one-to-ten. Results are revised instantly when a visitor votes and posted on the fly.

  • Look for polls at Electricka's Forums and on other pages, as appropriate: click here.


We want to get to know you as a group so we can serve you better. Surveys are conducted on specific topics as they are needed. Surveys differ from polls in that they are in greater depth and the results are not published unless and until analysis is done. Depending an their objectives, polls may be directed toward specific visitor populations.

  • We need and want your opinions about the arts, this site, and lots of other things.
  • We want to know who you are: your preferences, ideas, backgrounds, interests.
  • Results are published when appropriate so you can find out, too.

literary terminology

Examples of literary terminology are words like meter, form, sound (rhyme), and figures of speech. Each of these words is generic in that there are particular kinds and types—different meters, forms, sound schemes, and figures of speech. For example, there are poetic forms, narrative forms, and other kinds of forms. One kind of poetic form is rhyming couplets; another is blank verse.

All works of literature incorporate different sorts of these technical elements and any particular work can by analyzed and understood by the way it does this.

Writing literature is not a haphazard undertaking; a piece of literature is not good or bad by accident, but rather by its proper choice of different elements and how skillfully it incorporates them. For example, different rhyme schemes and meters are appropriate for different purposes; a dirge should not employ a cheerful meter or uplifting sound scheme.

In these pages, The Muse Of Literature defines these terms and explores these distinctions.

  • Explore the current status of the Muse's pages on literary terminology. Visit The Muse Of Literature's page called Literary Terminology: click here.

Technical Aspects of literature

The feature called Literary Terminology is one aspect of a broader feature which The Muse Of Literature calls Technical Aspects Of Literature.

  • Explore the current status of the feature called Technical Aspects Of Literature: click here.


Visitors will be able to subscribe to various newsletters to be published by Electricka and her muses which will be distributed via email to visitors who subscribe. Several are planned, the chief of which is Electricka's Newsletter, which is expected to be a weekly or monthly publication about doings at Electricka's web site and about news in the arts. Frequency will depend on how much newsworthy information there is to impart and on how fast news develops.

The kind of news planned for Electricka's Newsletter:

  • What's coming to this site.
  • Recent additions to this site.
    • Visit the page called What's New At This Site now: click here.
  • What's new or noteworthy in the arts.
  • Issues.
  • Focus on a feature worthy of special attention.
  • Recent E-mails to the Editor that may be of special interest to visitors.
  • A week's worth of words from daily and weekly features that have been seen at Electricka's site over the past week. For example:
  • Arts Resources and references added to Electricka's Resource Shelf during the past week.
  • More.

Other newsletters will be published and distributed via email on an ad hoc basis. Among these will be product announcements, which will appear as new ETAF products are offered to visitors and as news about available products develops.

Join these ongoing discussions and debates

Some of the items on this page are now being discussed and debated by visitors at Electricka's Forums. Others are at an even earlier stage of discussion by visitors.

Electricka and ETAF Staff want to make changes and additions to features at this web site that satisfy visitors wants and needs. They use these discussions and debates to help decide what existing features to modify and what new features to develop next. Electricka invites you to join these discussions and debates.

  • For information on how you can get involved in improving or changing existing features or adding new features at this web site, visit the page called Improving And Adding Features: click here.

If you're one of those visitors who is now participating in Electricka's Forums discussions and debates about what features to change, augment, or add at this web site, Electricka wants you to know that your input makes a difference.

Thanks! Keep it up! Your participation helps the arts!

about new features

If you're interested in possible changes or additions to features now at this web site, you may also be interested new features recently added to this web site or in existing features that have recently been changed or augmented.

  • For news about features recently added to Electricka's web site, visit the page called What's New at This Site: click here.




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