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Animals and their Progeny
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zebra stallion mare colt, foal
yak bull cow, dri, nak calf
wren cock jenny, jennywren chick
woodpecker cock hen chick
woodcock rooster hen chick
woodchuck he-chuck she-chuck cub, kit
wombat jack jill joey
wolf dog, he-wolf, brute bitch, she-wolf, fae cub, pup, whelp
wildfowl cock hen chick
wild boar boar sow boarlet
widgeon (duck) drake duck duckling
whale bull cow calf
weasel buck, dog, hob, jack bitch, doe, jill kit
wasp drone queen, worker larva
walrus bull cow pup
wallaby jack jill joey
viper male female snakelet
vicuna cria
turtle dove cock hen chick
turtle male female hatchling


Animal Sex And Progeny Names Table

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