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explore or join?

Electricka and her muses invite you to explore and participate in one or more of these discussion groups. There are two ways to benefit from what discussion group members are saying and doing:

  1. Explore.
  2. Join.

Either way, there's no cost for exploring or joining Electricka's Forums:

Explore or join now

  • If you wish, you may explore Electricka's Forums before joining to get a taste of what it's like to be a member.
  • If you explore and decide not to become a member, there's nothing more to do. Just explore the Forums whenever you like.

ExploringAny visitor to Electricka's web site is eligible to explore Electricka's Forums. Exploration is limited to:

  • Inspecting the list of current Forums and groups.
  • Visiting current Forums and groups.
  • Seeing past and active discussions.
  • Inspecting the Forums calendar.
  • Inspecting Forums HELP.


exploring limits what you can do

If you want to do more than explore, you must join.

  • If you think you may want to join, read the section called Joining, below on this page.


JoiningWhen you Explore, what you can do or see is limited. When you joinbecome a memberyou enjoy the full benefits of membership. Some of the things you can do when you are a member:

  • Participate in discussion groups.
  • Start new discussions.
  • Comment on existing discussions.
  • Ask questions and see answers from other members, the Forums moderator, Electricka, and her cohort muses.
  • Vote in polls and see poll results.
  • Learn about other members from their profiles. Post your own profile.
  • Send Forum email to other members who elect to receive email.
  • More.

Any visitor to Electricka's web site is eligible to join. Joining is easy: You just log in at the Forums page and fill out a simple form.


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