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Wouldn't it be great to own an Electricka-styled mug, stein, T-shirt, poster, handbag, clock, writing paper, books, poster, CD, or any one of dozens of other kinds of products that you, anyone in your family, and your friends or business associates can wear or use around the house, at school or work or on social occasions, or on vacation? These items bear tasteful images and slogans taken from Electricka's web sitepictures of Electricka, her muses, and other markings you've come to know from your visits.

Giving an Electricka Theme Product as a gift is a statement of your respect, admiration, or love. Purchasing and using an Electricka's theme product is an excellent way to:

  • Remind yourself of the many enjoyable and worthwhile experiences you've had on visits to her web site.
  • Announce Electricka to the world so others can benefit from something you've come to value.
  • Share with others your love of the arts and at the same time financially support Electricka's artistic vision.
  • Give great gifts for family, friends, business associates or customers, gifts that you can be proud of.

When you buy one of Electricka's Theme products at Electricka's Online Store you help the arts while you help yourself. ETAF receives a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each item. Each item you buy helps ETAF and thereby helps advance the arts.

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