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What makes electricka's theme shop special

At the Electricka's Online Store you can buy three kinds of items:

  1. Items that bear an Electricka theme design.
  2. Personal markings of your own design that you create for yourself.
  3. Items with no markings at all.

about electricka's affiliation with cafepress

Since she has her hands full with the arts, Electricka has arranged with Cafepress to make her theme products available to you. Cafepress is a leading supplier to the public of theme products and other goods.

Electricka's theme products are sold at a special Cafepress web site dedicated to Electricka's products. This web site is the location of Electricka's Online Store. The web site specializes in providing, stocking, and selling products sold by Electricka's Theme Products Shop.

ETAF receives a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each item. Each item you buy helps ETAF advance the arts.

ETAF has designed and approved all of the Electricka designs and logos that appear on products available at Electricka's Online Store. Cafepress operates the store, stocks and sells all merchandise, and provides customer service before and after the sale. Store polices governing sales are those of Cafepress.

Electricka's Theme products are waiting for you now at this special Online Store Cafepress web site. You can visit Electricka's special Cafepress Online Store from Electricka's web site now. There you can see Electricka's products, learn about them, window shop, or order.


theme shop sales and support

  • Sales and support at Electricka's Theme Products Shop's Online Store are transactions between the buyer and Cafepress, which is wholly responsible for customer satisfaction. Neither ETAF nor DCI have any obligation to provide pre- or post-sales support in connection with buyer transactions at Electricka's Theme Products Shop.

  • ETAF and DCI are not responsible for product quality, safety, or other aspect of product performance.

  • ETAF and DCI do not operate the Cafepress web site at which Electricka's Theme Shop Online Store is located. ETAF and DCI are not responsible for any aspect of this web site's operation.

  • Shoppers agree to hold ETAF and DCI exempt from claims or legal action resulting from the sale of Electricka's Theme Shop products or from Cafepress transactions.

how it works

Cafepress handles all matters pertaining to your purchase of goods through Electricka's Theme Products Shop, from ordering to shipping to customer service before and after the sale:

  • Purchases from Electricka's Online Store for Theme Products are transactions between the buyer and Cafepress, not between the buyer and ETAF or its parent company, DCI.
  • ETAF and DCI create graphic designs that Cafepress adds to Cafepress products sold through Electricka's Theme Shop. Cafepress adds these designs to Electricka's Theme Shop products as a service to DCI.
  • Neither ETAF nor DCI own or handle any Cafepress product or process any buyer transaction. Neither ETAF nor DCI participate in any aspect or any phase of a purchase, delivery, refund, or return.
  • Cafepress owns and operates the special web site where Electricka's Theme Shop products are displayed in her Online Store.
  • DCI receives a small fee from Cafepress for any product sold by Electricka's Online Store.


Shop at Electricka's theme products shop first

All items sold at Electricka's theme shop are sold at the Cafepress store as well, including items that bear Electricka's name and logos. Cafepress also sells the same items with and without Electricka's name and logos, and many additional items Electricka does not sell.

  • As a favor to her visitors, Electricka's Theme Products Shop sells her own items at a discount price compared with Cafepress. It's cheaper to buy them at Electricka's Theme Products Shop.

  • Electricka benefits if you buy any item at the Cafepress store, even if it's not one of Electricka's products, but only if you visit Electricka's Theme Products Shop first.

You save time and money if you visit Electricka's Theme Products Shop to buy Electricka's personalized items.

Electricka only benefits if you visit Electricka's Theme Products Shop first, and then visit the Cafepress store to buy other items.


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