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about the table of portmanteau words

The English word portmanteau is derived from the French word portemanteau, which translated literally means carries (the) cloak. It is an illusion to the idea that a portmanteau word is two words in one—it makes the two contributing words into one; it "cloaks" or conceals them.

All the portmanteau words in The Muse's table follow Lewis Carroll's original conception and definition. All the entries have been contributed by Electricka's visitors or ETAF Staff.

The table displays two kinds of portmanteau words:

  1. Words that appear in prominent dictionaries of the English language and are accepted as standard words in the English lexicon (indicated in the table as Authentic).
  2. Words not found in the standard English lexicon but newly coined by Electricka's visitors or ETAF Staff. Perhaps some of these are worthy of incorporation and should or will become standard (indicated in the table as Newly Coined).

In addition to the portmanteau words themselves, the table indicates the source words that were elided to make up the portmanteau word and the definition of each such source word, if not self-evident. Comments are added, as appropriate. Credit is given to the contributor. The portmanteau words, source words, definitions, and other elements in the table may be searched, sorted, printed, and otherwise arranged for your convenience.

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  • Explore portmanteau words in depth. Visit The Muse Of Language Arts page called About Portmanteau Words And The Portmanteau Words Table: click here.
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