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More about the silk road music

But The Muse can reproduce other sounds, sounds that are much more pleasing to the ear than those you might hear from our musical sextet.

The music you are now hearing is an example. It was not yanked from under a camel; it is the result of a three-year effort by ethnomusicologists, composers, and performers. It is a selection from Blue Little Flower, a Chinese traditional song from an album called Silk Road Journeys: When Strangers Meet, in which Yo-Yo Ma plays the cello. Pretty good, eh?

We're tuning in to Blue Little Flower about half through, just before the vocal begins after an instrumental introduction by several musicians, most notably Wu Tong playing the sheng, an ancient form of mouth organ.

The point? The Muse Of Music is inviting you to join this exploration of the world of music and to experiment and discover there. In the process you may uncover some things to like, some to dislike. If you accept, you and The Muse will embark on an adventure as intriguing and sometimes as exotic as the Silk Road. It may not always be a pleasant tripyou might not always enjoy yourself; but by stepping into the world of music with an open and inquiring attitude, you will experience many things to relish and savor while on the trail and in the future, as well as things to avoid.

And if you've previously trod paths like these before coming to these pages, consider the trip ahead a visit to a far land you've returned to many times and learned to love. Ahead, you may revisit old haunts where once you were accustomed to make merry, trip to an oasis where long ago you spent a joyful midnight around a bonfire at a guarded caravansary, step again into musty buildings, thrill to spectacles that never tire, dine at familiar cozy restaurants, smell scents you adore, re-greet friends you learned to love and respect. You might even ride the musical equivalent of a camel! there're lots of things to do to keep you occupied while you're there—making new friends or investigating dazzling new edifices erected since you last strode along familiar byways or glanced into back alleys. You may even compile a list of things to do after you return home, and things to think hard about later. And when you leave you'll take an ear-full of fond memories.

about the silk road and the Silk road Project

The Silk Road is the name given to a series of trade routes that crisscrossed Eurasia from the first millennium BCE through the middle of the second millennium CE. This historic set of roads stretched 5.000 miles from Japan to ancient Rome.

The Silk Road Project is a not-for-profit arts, cultural and educational organization. It was founded in 1998 by cellist Yo-Yo Ma, who serves as its artistic director. Its objective is to bring together artists and audiences around the globe. Inspired by the cultural traditions of the historic Silk Road, the Silk Road Project is a catalyst promoting innovation and learning through the arts.

The Silk Road Ensemble is comprised of a collective of musicians from the Silk Road lands and the West. Performing new commissions as well as traditional music, the Ensemble is dedicated to exploring the relationship between tradition and innovation in music. The music played at this Muse Of Music page is performed by this group.

  • Learn more about the Silk Road and the Silk Road Project at the Silk Road Project web site: click here.

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