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god save the queengerman lyrics

These lyrics were used during the reign of Kaiser Wilhelm II, German Emperor and King of Prussia, when the German Empire was founded.

The Kaiser traveled frequently. One of the jokes at the time alleged that the song's title should be changed to Heil Dir im Sonderzug (Hail to Thee in Thy Royal Train).

The Muse Of Music now invites you to follow along. Read the lyrics of the German version as you play its melody. Feel free to sing along, if you like; a strong and lusty voice is called for. If you're self-conscious about your voice, sing the song solo in an enclosed room; or bellow it out in public if you're not faint-hearted.

Notice how the song has the same emotional impact no matter what the nation or language. It suits a national anthem well, especially the anthem of a militaristic empire like Germany or England, as they were in the centuries of nation building and colonial expansion.

—play God Save the Queen

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Lyrics to God Save the Queen

(German version, 1871 to 1918)



Heil dir im Siegerkranz,
Herrscher des Vaterlands!
Heil, Kaiser, dir!
Fühl in des Thrones Glanz
Die hohe Wonne ganz,
Liebling des Volks zu sein!
Heil Kaiser, dir!

Nicht Roß und Reisige
Sichern die steile Höh',
Wo Fürsten steh'n:
Liebe des Vaterlands,
Liebe des freien Manns
Gründen den Herrscher Thron
Wie Fels im Meer.

Heilige Flamme, glüh',
Glüh' und erlösche nie
Fürs Vaterland!
Wir alle stehen dann
Mutig für einen Mann,
Kämpfen und bluten gern
Für Thron und Reich!

Handel und Wissenschaft
Heben mit Mut und Kraft
Ihr Haupt empor!
Krieger- und Heldentat
Finden ihr Lorbeerblatt
Treu aufgehoben dort,
An deinem Thron!

Dauernder stets zu blüh'n
Weh' unsre Flagge kühn
Auf hoher See!
Ha, wie so stolz und hehr
Wirft über Land und Meer
Weithin der deutsche Aar
Flammenden Blick.

Sei, Kaiser Wilhelm, hier
Lang' deines Volkes Zier,
Der Menschheit Stolz!
Fühl' in des Thrones Glanz,
Die hohe Wonne ganz,
Liebling des Volkes zu sein!
Heil, Kaiser, dir!
Hail to thee in victor's crown,
Ruler of the fatherland!
Hail to thee, emperor!
Feel in the throne's glow
The high ecstasy in full
To be darling of thy people!
Hail to thee, emperor!

Neither steed nor mounted knight
Secure the towering height,
Where princes stand:
Love of the fatherland,
Love of the free man,
Create the ruler's throne
Like crags at sea.

Holy flame, glow,
Glow and expire not
For the fatherland!
Then we all stand
Valiant for one man
Gladly fighting and bleeding
For throne and empire!

Commerce and science
Hoist with courage and strength
Their chief aloft.
Warriors' and heroes' deeds
Find their laurel leaves
Faithfully preserved
Upon thy throne!

Forever continuing to bloom
Our flag may wave boldly
On the high seas!
Ha, how proud and majestic
Casts over land and sea
Widely the German eagle
Its flaming gaze.

Be, emperor Wilhelm, here
Thy people's ornament for many a year
Humanity's pride!
Feel in the throne's glow,
The high ecstasy in full
To be darling of thy people!
Hail to thee, emperor!

The German use of God Save the King is especially noteworthy. The Prussians were the first Germanic nationals to adopt the tune of English national anthem. Later, the German Empire took its anthem from the Prussian anthem, a natural outcome of the fact that Kaiser Wilhelm II was not only the German Emperor, he was King of Prussia. Kaiser Wilhelm's German Empire used the melody of God Save the King from 1871 to 1918 under the title Heil dir im Siegerkranz (Hail to Thee in Victor's Crown). The music became the anthem of the German Empire in 1871 when the Empire was formed and the Kaiser stepped up to take the throne. The Kaiser abdicated in 1918 at the end of WWI and his anthem and Empire were no more.

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