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Today In The Arts

about today in the arts

In this feature, every day Electricka recalls and celebrates something in the arts that is worth remembering. It could be a person who is or was active in the arts, an art movement, a philosophy of art, a place where something happened, an event, a work of art, or an arts-related technique or technology. It could be an anniversary such as Rembrandt's birthday, Shostakovich's death, an Ansel Adams wilderness project or Mathew Brady's Civil War gallery, Roy Lichtenstein's first New York exhibit, the debut of Mahler's 2nd Symphony, The Beatles' Abby Road album, Satchmo's flashy trumpet, or the world premier of Casablanca, Star Wars, Being John Malkovich, or Saving Private Ryan.

The march of the arts is the march of time; it's our march, yours and mine. Here, Electricka and her muses give you the dates, places, personalities, achievements, heartaches, triumphs. They jog your memory; they introduce and reintroduce you to the past.

Will tomorrow be the day Electricka and her muses remember Edison for inventing sound recording? Or will tomorrow be the day they celebrate the movie Titanic, Gone With the Wind, or Citizen Kane? Tune in and find out.

...what's past is prologue, wrote Shakespeare in The Tempest. In this feature, Electricka and her muses invite you to revel in both of them!

about across the muses

Today In The Arts is an Across The Muses feature. Why? Because the events and personalities that figure in it could involve any of her muses.

  • Learn about other Across The Muses features. Visit Electricka's page called Welcome To Across The Muses: click here.
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