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electricka's email addresses

Electricka offers this list of alternate email addresses for your communications.

How to use this list

select the Right email destination

Electricka gives you a choice of places to send email. Only send email to the person or agency set up to handle it. Otherwise, your email could end up in Electricka's dead letter office.

Follow these three simple steps:

  1. To choose the right email address for your message, check the list of entries in the ...sends email to this box column (below).

  2. There, find the request, comment, or question that fits your interest or need.

  3. Click the corresponding email destination in the This email address... column (below).

A Form or An emailwhich is right for you?

Any time you want to get in touch with anyone at Electricka's web, a form is your best bet. But Electricka may not offer always offer a form that fits your message:

  • If Electricka provides a form that fits your message, please use it in preference to sending email.

  • Otherwise, send your email to the person or agency set up to handle it. (See Select The Right Email Destination, directly above.)

Electricka suggests that you print this page for future reference

This email address... ...sends email to this mail box
AskTheMuses@Electricka.com Otherwise known as Muse Mail.

Reserved for questions, comments, or requests about the arts.

  • A muse will answer or react.
  • Address your remarks to a particular muse whenever possible.
  • Please limit your use of Muse Mail to issues pertaining to the arts.

Reserved for questions, comments, or requests that do not fall into a specific category.

  • Click the General Delivery email address in the column at the left to send Electricka general delivery email.
  • Please use General Delivery email only if Electricka has not provided a form for your inquiry.
WritingRight@Electricka.com Reserved for correspondence about Writing Right, ETAF's personal writing assistant app product.
  • Request feature revisions, additions, or improvements for future versions: WritingRight@Electricka.com.
  • See the Writing Right Product Description for information about Writing Right: click here.
SiteAdmin@Electricka.com Reserved for questions, comments, or requests about Electricka's web site. (Not for technical problems.)
  • To report a technical problem with Electricka's web site, visit the About Technical Problems page at this web site: click here.
ProductSupport@Electricka.com Reserved for inquiries, questions, comments, or requests about ETAF software products:
  • Technical problems with downloading or installing an ETAF software product.
  • Sales and customer support for ETAF software products.
ETAF@Electricka.com Reserved for questions, comments, or requests about ETAF or ETAF's parent, DCI.
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