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electricka's navigation philosophy

Navigation at Electricka's web site should seem natural. That is, without learning anything special, visitors who bring with them experience gained from visiting other web sites should be able to get around Electricka's web site with little or no trouble. It should be possible for visitors without extensive experience at other web sites to navigate successfully at Electricka's web site. Aids should be designed so that visitors can improve their navigation skills at their own pacecan learn what they need to know as they go.

There are two viable ways for you explore the arts at Electricka's web site:

  1. Browse arts features, feature by feature and page by page.

Electricka invites you to spend as much time as you like with her and her muse cohorts, the more time the better. Come back and visit her often. Follow your nose. Explore; browse; meander to and through the pages. Navigation aids should facilitate this approach.

  1. Identify just the pages and features you want to see and quickly go straight to them.

    There are lots of features at Electricka's web site, possibly more than you want to explore all at once. Navigation should aids make it practical and easy to find just the features you want to see on a visit and to go to them.

    Finding features fast at Electricka's web site is a matter of learning how to take advantage of her navigating aids. These aids help you decide what to explore and to find the most direct path to it. They eliminate dead ends, distractions, and wasted time. With them, you will discover and explore new experiences in the arts you might otherwise overlook; and you will find it convenient to revisit familiar ones.

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