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About Tables of Contents—Overview

A table of contents at Electricka's site (TOC) is similar to a a table of contents in a book. You can use it to find pages that contain features and information you want to see.

About TOCs

Electricka offers several TOCs to help you find your way around her web site. Use them to help you navigate:

  • A TOC contains the names of pages at Electricka's web site. These names suggest the nature of the features and information they contain.
  • When you see the name of a page in a TOC that you want to visit, click the name and the page will open.

You may already be familiar with menus and how they operate. TOCs are similar to menus in that their role is to help you identify pages at Electricka's web site that may be of interest to you. Once you identify a page you want to see, they allow you to open that page by clicking a hyperlink that bears the name of the page.

However, menus and TOCs operate differently:

  • Menus—A menu contains lists of items. Two kinds of items are listed on a menu: 1) the names of other menus, and 2) the names of pages you can visit. A given list may contain only the names of other lists, only the names of pages, or a combination of menu names and page names.

Lists of items are arranged in hierarchical order. At first you see only the top list in the hierarchy. When you click an item on the list, either you see the next lower list in the hierarchy or you see a page (that is, a page opens). Lists that are lower in the hierarchy are hidden from view until you click.

  • TOCs—Think of a TOC as a menu that shows one big list of page names, all in hierarchical order. Lists are indented, one under the other, to indicate hierarchy. There are no hidden sub-menus in a TOC; you see all the page names at one time. When you click the name of a page, it opens.

Accessing a tOC

Each TOC is located on its own page at Electricka's web site. To find a TOC, visit its page:

  1. Start with the Top menu. The Top Menu appears on virtually every page of Electricka's web site. Click to open the Find Fast Menu.
  2. the Find Fast Menu contains a list of Tables of Contents. Click to open the list.
  3. Each TOC is shown on the list. Click the name of the TOC you want to visit and it will open.
  • The menu called TOCs (Tables of Contents) at the right side of this page contains the name of each of the TOCs offered by Electricka. Click the name of the TOC and it will open.

more about TOCs

Learn more about TOCs at Electricka's Guide to Navigation. Visit the page called Guide To Navigation—Tables Of Contents: click here.

electricka's other navigation aids

A TOC can be a very helpful tool for finding pages to visit. However, TOCs are by far not the only means by which to find your way around Electricka's web site. Electricka suggests that you employ them in combination with the other navigation aids she has to offer.

Some of these navigation aids are listed in the Related Pages box at the right side of this page. Visit these pages to learn more.




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