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about Symbol Of the Week And Graphic Symbol Of the Day

  • When you visit the feature called Symbol Of The Week (sponsored by Electricka), you examine a symbol's significance. The symbol may be abstract or concrete, visual or non-visual. Such a symbol is not merely a sign or token like the algebraic symbol "x" or the chemical symbol Au; it usually reveals something about the nature of man or the history of mankind. The emphasis of this feature is on symbolic meaning (symbolism) and on a symbol's impact on the individual or society. This feature is sponsored by Electricka instead of one of her cohort muses because a Symbol Of The Week may pertain to any or all the muses.
  • When you visit the feature called Graphic Symbol Of The Day, you examine a visual symbol and its graphic design. Non-visual symbols don't count. Its symbolism is treated, but that is of secondary importance compared with its graphicalness. The emphasis of this feature is on the iconic nature of the image and it's design from a visual and/or aesthetic point of view—its pictorial aspects—its pictorialization. This feature is sponsored by The Muse Of Fine Arts because it is focused on the way graphic design influences symbols and vice versa.
  • A given graphic symbol may be treated as a Symbol of The Week or as a Graphic Symbol of The Day, but its treatment will differ in each case.
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