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The Complete Works of Charles-Darwin Open Read Charles Darwin's works online. Bio, pictures, related articles, quotes. ETAF Staff Open Web Site All about Swing, The Big Bands, and the Jazz era.

Forums; biographies of band ? More ?
WebMuseum, Paris Open Web Site FA A richly-adorned online art exhibit rendered In the English language that is ana ? More ? ETAF Staff
The Web Museum Open Web Subsite FA More Full-screen and other fine art images of thousands of paintings by hundreds of a ? More ? ETAF Staff
The Maeght Gallery Open Museum With Web Site FA How's your French? You'll need it at this suavely designed, elegant web site. Wh ? More ? ETAF Staff
Web Exhibits Open Web Site FA Gallimaufry of a few interesting and useful articles about the painter's art. In ? More ? ETAF Staff
Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum Open Museum And Web Site FA Online web site featuring classic cars from the 1920s and 30s; history of the au ? More ? ETAF Staff
Art Periods Open Online Encyclopedia FA An excellent, compendious set of reviews at the multilingual Wikipedia Encyclope ? More ? ETAF Staff Open Web Site FA About 6,000 major modern and contemporary visual artists, each with a portrait ? More ? ETAF Staff
artelino - Art Auctions Open Web Site FA Fascinating web site where you can buy Oriental and Asian art online. Primarily ? More ? ETAF Staff
The Arts Directory at Yahoo Open Web Site FA This is the Yahoo search engine's directory dedicated to the fine arts. As such, ? More ? ETAF Staff
Art Movements Directory Open Web Site FA A concise reference guide (with dates) to major Western art movements and perio ? More ? ETAF Staff
The Full Bayeaux Tapestry Open Online Picture Gallery FA Explore high resolution images of the entire Bayeux Tapestry, one section at a t ? More ? ETAF Staff
Art Institute of Chicago Open Museum With Web Site FA Find out about one of the finest art museums in the world. View online and downl ? More ? ETAF Staff
School of the Art Institute of Chicago Open Art School With Web Site FA The School of the Art Institute of Chicago is just that, the school of fine arts ? More ? ETAF Staff
Art History Guide Open Web Site FA A timeline of fine art movements throughout history from 3,000 BCE to the CE. Co ? More ? ETAF Staff
Program for Art on Film Open Offline Database With Web Site FA, FL Media presentations and information about fine arts and their practitioners. Inc ? More ? ETAF Staff
BBC--Biographies Open Online Biographies FA, FL, LA, LT, MU, MY Short biographies of important historic personages, many of whom are personaliti ? More ? ETAF Staff
Dead People Server Open Web Site FA, FL, LA, LT, MU, MY More Despite its rather grizzly and tasteless title, this web site is a fount of info ? More ? ETAF Staff
ibiblio Open Online Repository FA, FL, LA, LT, MU, MY More The motto tells the web site's objective: "The public's library and digital arch ? More ? ETAF Staff

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