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Who2 Open Online Biographies FA, FL, LA, LT, MU, MY Biographies about people from all walks of life, from the arts to anything other ? More ?
The Free Dictionary by Farlex Open Online Dictionary And Other References LA Free dictionary and white pages directory.

Also: Thesaurus, Medical Dictionar ? More ?
W. W. Norton & Company Open Online and Offline Publisher FA, FL, LA, LT, MU, MY An outstanding book publisher of college-level books in a variety of disciplines ? More ?
American Association of Museums Open Web Site FA, FL, LA, LT, MU, MY An association for and about museums. FAQs about museums. Museum ethics ans stan ? More ?
Newberry Library Open Web Site And Library LT One of the world's leading independent research libraries specializing in the hu ? More ?
The Dictionary of English Nautical Language Open Online Dictionary LA, LT A comprehensive nautical dictionary, complete with nautical term usage, examples ? More ? Open Web Site All about Swing, The Big Bands, and the Jazz era.

Forums; biographies of band ? More ? Open Web Site And Poetry Society LT Home of the International Society of Poets. Claims to be one of the largest poet ? More ?
Wikisource Open Online Repository LA An online library of free content publications you can read online or print. For ? More ? EATF Staff
Gotham Writers' Workshop Open Writer's Training Facility And Web Site LA One of the best-organized, busiest firms devoted to delivering "for a fee" train ? More ? ETAF Staff
Filmsite Open Online Database FL A database of movie information jam-packed with information about movies, movie ? More ? ETAF Staff
WFMT (World's Finest Music) Open Web Site LA, MU More The nonpareil of arts radio broadcasting. Since 1952, one of the finest arts rad ? More ? ETAF Staff Open Online Dictionary And Web Store LA Not just any online dictionary--it's the OED! The English language as the Englis ? More ? ETAF Staff
The Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America (APOBA) Open Web Site MU Fascinated by organs? Thrilled by the way they sound? Play one yourself? Visit t ? More ? ETAF Staff
Parabola Magazine Open Magazine With Web Site MY A quarterly journal on the subject of myth and tradition. Through story and symb ? More ? ETAF Staff
Prose and Poetry Section of First World Open Web Site LT All aspects of World War I, The War to End All Wars. Excellent treatment of WWI ? More ? ETAF Staff
The Apollo Movie Guide Open Online Database FL See thorough, "objective" scored reviews of movies, DVDs, and videos. You'll pay ? More ? ETAF Staff
The Wilfred Owen Association Open Web Site LT Dedicated to preserving the works and memory of Wilfred Owen, a worthy task.

? More ?
ETAF Staff Open Online Quizzes FA, FL, LA, LT, MU, MY Lots of quizzes on applied art, art, linguistics, mythology, legends, theater, a ? More ? ETAF Staff
The Maeght Gallery Open Museum With Web Site FA How's your French? You'll need it at this suavely designed, elegant web site. Wh ? More ? ETAF Staff

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