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In the introduction to this feature, Electricka incorrectly describes the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament as a linguistic sporting event. Technically, calling this tournament a sporting event is a mistake. [Even Electricka can make a mistake; give a muse a break, will 'ya?.] It would be more precise to call a crossword puzzle tournament like this one a game or a competition.

Why is this competition a game but not a sport? Because to be sporting or athletic, a competition must be a physical activity requiring physical skill or prowess; and no one at a crossword puzzle will wrestle you to the ground.

Perhaps the most striking difference between a game like this one and a game like wrestling is that it's quiet in the room while this game goes on. Come to think of it, a crossword puzzle tournament session is a lot like a game of chess but with more than two players keeping mum.

But despite such differences, in calling this tournament a sporting event, Electricka is not far from the mark. American Crossword Puzzle Tournament competition is so intense, so energetic, it's about as close as one can get to a linguistic sporting event without being one.

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