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how to shop

Shopping at Electricka's Theme Products Shop's Online Store is simple and easy. But, as with any kind of shopping, the more you know, the more enjoyable your shopping experience will be.

how the Online Store works

Electricka has set aside a special web site for her Theme Products Shop. It's called Electricka's Online Store.

Electricka's Theme Products Shop Online Store is not the web site you're at now.

Electricka's Theme Products Shop Online Store is located at a web site operated by Cafepress. You can visit Electricka's Theme Shop at the Cafepress web site by clicking any of the Theme Products Shop shopping bags. Just walk in whenever you're ready.

When you walk into Electricka's Theme Products Shop Online Store at the Cafepress web site, you see Electricka's Theme Products on display. Her Shop there is filled with products of all kinds, ranging from apparel to housewares to handbags.

Browse. When you find an item that interests you, learn more about it.

There's never any obligation to purchase. Place items you want to purchase in your cart and check out whenever you're ready. All the directions you need are right there.


How to shop for Electricka's theme products at the online store

You will only find Electricka's Theme Products at Electricka's special Theme Products Online Store web site at Cafepress. There you can window-shop or buy any of the items on display. They're all waiting for you now.


help ETAF, Electricka, and the arts

Every time you shop at Electricka's special Theme Products Shop at Cafepress, ETAF receives a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each item you buy.

There are four ways to walk into Electricka's Theme Products Shop at the Online Store:

1. Enter Now

You can visit Electricka's special web site at Cafepress from Electricka's web site now by clicking the following link:

  • Electricka's Theme Products Shop is located at http://www.cafepress.com/electricka. Visit the Shop now: click here.


place this URL in your favorties

Electricka suggests that you place the web site address of her Theme Products Shop in your list of Favorites. Keep it handy for future reference.

2. Enter at the Welcome to Electricka's theme Products Shop page

The About Electricka's Theme Products Shop page is the page you came from when you opened this page. You can conveniently visit Electricka's special web site at Cafepress if you start from there. Here's how:

.3. Enter on any page at Electricka's web site where you see the theme Products shopping bag

Electricka's Theme Products Shop icon is the icon you see at the right. Look for it on Electricka's Home Page, on the About Electricka's Theme Products Shop page, or on other selected pages at Electricka's web site.

  • To enter Electricka's special Theme Products Shop Online Store at the Cafepress web site, click the shopping bag in the icon or the words Electricka's Theme Products Shop.
  • To visit the About Electricka's Theme Products Shop page, click the words About Theme Products.

4. enter From any other Cafepress page

Once you're at any other Cafepress web page, you can easily return to Electricka's Theme Products Shop's Online Store by entering the word Electricka in the SEARCH field at the top of the page you're on and selecting GO. Search for Electricka's Theme Products Shop and you'll enter it there!

other products & categories at cafepress

Electricka's Theme Products bear Electricka's logos, images, mottos, and other materials that identify them with Electricka, her muses, and her web site.

You should be aware that many products sold at Cafepress are not Electricka's Theme Products. That is, many products sold there are not marked with Electricka's symbols and many have nothing to do with Electricka. These products are sold directly by Cafepress or by other vendors like Electricka at the Cafepress web site.

You are eligible to buy any of these other kinds of items directly from Cafepress or from another vendor at Cafepress.

There are two types of items you can buy:

Do-It-Yourself items—items you personalize with your own photos, logos, mottos, designs, and other materials.

Other items—items of a general nature that are not personalized or marked with Electricka's symbols or with your own markings.

Below is a list of the product categories that are available at the Cafepress web site:

Product Categories*
  • Fun Stuff.

  • Postage

  • Apparel.

  • Shirts.

  • Kids & Baby.

  • Stickers, buttons, and magnets.

  • Housewares.

  • Posters, prints, and cards.

  • Hats & bags.Home decor.

  • Backpacks.

  • Books.

  • Audio & data CDs.

  • More.

*Note: Not every store features every product category.



help ETAF, Electricka, and the arts

Every time you purchase an item directly from Cafepress, Electricka and ETAF are eligible to receive a small portion of the proceeds.

For Electricka to receive this portion, you must first visit Electricka's Web site. Then from there you must visit Cafepress and buy something from them directly, not from another vendor at Cafepress. When you do this, you shop with the knowledge that you are helping ETAF, Electricka, and the arts.

electricka's catalog of theme Products and product lines

Electricka's catalog of theme products and product lines is constantly growing. To find all the latest selections, visit the Theme Shop regularly.

Questions, Comments, & Suggestions

Have a suggestion for a new theme product or product line you'd like Electricka to add to her shop? Have a comment about a product you own or about the way Electricka runs her shop?

  • Send your questions, comments, and suggestions about Electricka's Theme Products Shop to Electricka at her General Delivery email address: click here.


News about Electricka's theme products

Electricka announces new theme products that she adds to her Shop and publishes other Theme Products Shop news in her Newsletter. Subscribe to Electricka's Newsletter to keep up with the latest about what's happening in theme products.

  • Subscribe to Electricka's Newsletter at Electricka's Email Center: click here.



electricka's theme products shop

Your purchases from Electricka's Theme Products Shop Online Store are transactions between you and Cafepress, which is solely responsible for performing all phases and aspects of your purchase transaction, including order processing, delivery, payment, and return. Products originate with and are provided by Cafepress. Cafepress policies apply.

ETAF designs and controls the appearance of Electricka's theme products but does not participate in any way in their manufacture, sale, or service. ETAF and DCI do not provide customer service or support and are not responsible for Cafepress sales, support, or product performance.

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