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More about lives in the arts

Personalities represented in this feature are drawn of all walks of life that are related to the arts:

  • Creative artists in all the disciplines comprehended by Electricka's muse cohorts, such as painters, sculptors, poets, playwrights, film makers, graphic designers, still photographers, literary figures, mythologists, and musicians. Some may not have produced extant creative works in the above disciplines.
  • Supporting and participating personnel active in the arts, such as directors, set designers, lighting specialists, camera men/women, photographers, dancers, performance artists.
  • Those working in and concerned with the arts but not necessarily making direct artistic creative contributions, such as critics, publishers, editors, philosophers, psychologists, technologists, graphic, video, or sound engineers, teachers and educators at all levels.

Examples of the kinds of groups of artists that are or might be listed include the Bauhaus or the Sedona, Arizona Art Colony, the School of the Chicago Art Institute, the New England Conservatory of Music, National Public Radio, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Many arts personalities and arts groups are cited at this web site but are not represented in this feature.

About these sketches

The bulk of these sketches are original contributions submitted by Electricka's visitors. Some have been produced by ETAF staff. To be selected for publication, a personality or organization must warrant the attention of Electricka's visitors. Each sketch must meet Electricka's standards for:

  • Artistic stature.
  • Merit.
  • Contributions to the arts.
  • Quantity of artistic output.
  • Historical significance.
  • Impact on the arts, society, culture, nation.
  • Degree of public interest.
  • Relevance to other topics and materials at this site.
  • Relevance to Electricka or one of her cohort muses.


about these sketches

Lives in the Arts sketches are not in-depth biographies. A sketch is intended to give you a quick, easy-to-absorb rundown on the subject, one that can help explain or elaborate other information posted at this web site. Electricka is not responsible for a sketch's accuracy or completeness.

If you seek an in-depth study or more detail than you find in a biographical sketch, Electricka suggests that you:

  • Consult a traditional reference such as a biography in book form, an encyclopedia, a book of reproductions.

  • Visit a web site containing a section that treats the personality, or one entirely devoted to the personality. Many arts personalities have entire web sites devoted to them.

  • Check for additional biographical sources at the page called Electricka's Resource Shelf.

  • Visit Electricka's Resource Shelf: click here.

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