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Welcome to Lives in the Arts

Electricka is pleased to present a collection of biographical sketches of men and women, past or present, who have contributed to or affected the arts in a memorable way. This collection also contains sketches of former or current arts-related groups, such as those of cooperating artists, art movements, associations, institutions, and other organizations.

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About lives in the arts

Lives in The Arts is a collection of biographies consisting of  brief sketches of specific individuals or groups who have contributed to or participated in the arts in one or another capacity. Sketches are original works contributed by visitors to Electricka's web site. Some sketches are contributed by ETAF Staff.


About the table of contents

You access the biographical sketches contained in this feature at the page called Arts Biographies. Arts Biographies is an automated table of contents. Information in the table is organized to assist you to identify the biographical sketches that are relevant to your interests:

  • Each entry in this table consists of a person or group name, relevant dates, type of group, and a brief description.

  • The table is searchable and sortable. It allows you to easily and quickly find, sort, print, and otherwise arrange items in the table for analysis.

  • Each name in the table is a link to Electricka's sketch of the named person or group. Once you decide on the person(s) or group(s) you want to investigate, click the word open next to the person's name in the bio column and a page at Electricka's web site containing the sketch will open.


Publish Your Own lives in the arts bio now

Electricka invites you to submit a biography of an arts personality that she can publish here. To encourage visitors to send an original bio, Electricka has declared Publish Your Essay a ByLine feature. Electricka invites you to explore the guidelines for Lives In The Arts now.

  • To learn more or to submit your own original Lives In The Arts biography see the guidelines for contributing Lives In The Arts ByLine Items: click here.
  • For more information about ByLines, visit the ByLine page at this web site. Click the ByLine image at the right side of this page, or: click here.

ETAF Recommends

On this page, ETAF recommends biographies on individuals or groups that are prominent in the arts. Look for additional biographical recommendations on other pages at Electricka's web site.





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