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about graphic symbols and graphic symbol of the day

A symbol is something used for or regarded as representing something else; a material object representing or designating something, often something immaterial. A graphic symbol is a still image, a design, something you can see with your eyes that represents something else. It may be an emblem, token, mark, or sign.

Graphic symbols are abstract designs; they are not pictures or photographs of people or concrete objects like buildings or bridges. They might be drawn on paper, painted on a wall, or drawn on a computer. They might be implemented using a variety or media ranging from oil on canvas to metal castings to glass or cloth.

Some physical objects bear graphical symbols or incorporate graphic symbols in their design. For example, the immaterial symbolic design of a cross could be implemented in a wood or metal object that takes the shape of a cross; or it could be implemented as a photograph of a cross.

Graphic symbols may be deliberately designed by a person in a conscious act or they may emerge, seemingly our of nowhere, without an identifiable source. They almost always have something to say about the culture, society, or place that spawns them; and they almost always mean something special to its inhabitants.

The Muse Of Fine Arts holds the opinion that graphic symbols are not accidents; they have a reason for being. They mean or express something that needs to be said; they have a purpose, no matter by what deliberate act, historical coincidence, unconscious motivation, or long and winding road they may have reached the light of day.

Graphic symbols are one of the most influential and pervasive means of expression available to mankind. The ones you see here are either submitted for publication by The Muse's visitors or collected by ETAF Staff from the vast cultural reservoir of symbols at large. Symbols submitted for publication by visitors are either their own designs or they are culled by them from the storehouse of symbols created by others.

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The Muse bids you: Treat each symbol you see here seriously—you never know what you may learn from it. Treat each one lovingly—you never know what kind thoughts it may bring. Be ready with a smile and a frown when you visit this page—you won't know if your visit will make you laugh or cry or leave you cold until you arrive.

Submit a Graphic Symbol of the day

We are all surrounded by graphic symbols; everyone knows many of them. Do you think you know of a graphic symbol that other visitors to Electricka's web site might like to see? Electricka invites you to send her a Graphic Symbol Of The Day that she can publish here.

To encourage visitors to send graphic symbols, Electricka has declared Graphic Symbol Of The Day an Arts Information feature. She invites you to explore the guidelines for contributors now.

  • See the guidelines for contributing a Graphic Symbol Of The Day: click here.

For more information about this and other Arts Information features, visit the Arts Information page at this web site:

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Today In The Arts is an Across The Muses feature.

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