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Quote Of The Day

about quote of the day

Each day Electricka and The Muse Of Language Arts jointly present a quotation of note.

Most of these quotations are not about the language arts or are not coined by language artists; most are not about the arts at all, or they have not been composed by writers or other language artists.

These facts raise the question of whether The Muse Of Language Arts is the correct muse to take responsibility for this feature. Are all these quotations the rightful province of The Muse Of Language Arts, regardless of their subject matter or author?

Electricka's answer is yes! All quotations are language arts constructs regardless of what they have to say or who composes them; they all belong to the province of The Muse Of Language Arts.

A quotation appearing in this feature may be drawn from almost any imaginable source. It may belong to the province of one or more of Electricka's muses, or of none. It may or may not be from or about the arts. It may be obscure or well-known. It may even have been rumbling about in the collective unconscious until Electricka's visitors or her Muses exposed it to the light of day.

All of the quotations that appear here have been submitted by Electricka's visitors or by ETAF Staff. Some have been coined by Electricka's visitors, but most have either been invented by third parties, are anonymous, or are part of our universal cultural heritage. Some of the quotations appearing here have been culled from various sources by ETAF Staff.

No quotations are presented for which publication rights are not granted.

Send Electricka a Quotation

Know a quotation you think other visitors to Electricka's web site might like to see? Electricka invites you to send her a Quote of the Day that she can publish here.

  • See the guidelines for contributing a Quote Of The Day: click here.

To encourage visitors to send quotations, Electricka has declared Quote of The Day an Arts Information feature. She invites you to explore the guidelines for contributors now. For more information about this and other Arts Information features, visit Electricka's Arts Information page:

  • Click the words About Arts Information in the Arts Information image at the right side of the preceding or click here.

about across the muses

Today In The Arts is an Across The Muses feature because the events and personalities quoted here could involve any of her muses.

  • Explore other Across The Muses features. Learn more about them. Visit Electricka's page called Welcome To Across The Muses: click here.

ETAF Recommends

There is almost no end to the number of worthwhile collections of quotations. There are many collections of quotations available in print:

  • One of the most popular and still relevant is the perennial classic, the venerable Bartlett's Quotations.
  • Another classic is Roget's Thesaurus. Although Roget's purpose differs from that of Bartlett's, it contains "mounds" of valuable and relevant quotations.
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