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Electricka and ETAF take seriously the job of giving credit for merit and work accomplished. Valid and complete attribution benefits both the creator of a work and its audience.

If we have made an omission or error, we apologize. Here's what to do:

  • First see the section called About Assigning Credit, below.
  • Then contact us with the correct information and we'll gladly rectify the record.

TerminologyOriginators and Provenances

The following terms appear in the Credits & Sources list. Here is how they are defined:

  • The originator of a work is the person, group, or institution that created the work or to whom the work is attributed, such as an author, composer, sculptor, painter, choreographer, performer, or speaker.

  • The provenance of a work is the source from which the work is obtained, such as a publication and/or publisher, orchestra and conductor, recording and recording company, collector, or museum. Of course, the origin and provenance may sometimes be the same.

about assigning credit

Our accreditation policies and practices are cited at the page called Policies—Accreditation.

  • Visit the page called Policies—Accreditation: click here.

about copyright protection

ETAF respects and observes US and International copyright law to the best of its abilities. If you feel that your personal or corporate copy rights have been violated by material published at this web site, first read our copyright policy. After reading our copyright policy, if you remain concerned, contact us as outlined on the page called Policies—Copyright.

  • See ETAF's copyright policy. Visit the page called Policies—Copyright: click here.
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