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Artistic Credits & sources

Here Electricka gives justly-deserved credit to the creatorArtistic Credits And Sourcess and sources of the sights and sounds referred to at this web site.

Electricka and ETAF acknowledge their debt to those who have given of themselves through the years for the betterment of the arts and for the benefit of those who follow the arts. They join all followers of the Muses in thanking them.

about this list

This Credits & Sources list identifies the sources of the creative works cited on Electricka's pages.

Electricka takes seriously the job of giving credit for merit and work accomplished. Valid and complete attribution benefits both the creator of a work and its audience...More.

How to use this list

  • Scroll up or down until you find an artist, performance, work, or source that interests you.

  • Alternately, place your cursor in the box containing the List and use your browser's FIND command to locate a specific credit.

  • The Where/How Used column shows the page on which a source is used. If a source is used on more than one page, it shows all the pages where it is used.

  • The name of the page on which a source is used is a link to that page. There is a link to each page on which a source is used. Click a link to visit the named page.

Artistic Credits & sources

Credit No. Origin, Originator, or Identity of Listed Work Where/How Used Medium or Format Provenance






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