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A tidbit is a delicate bit or morsel of food; a choice or pleasing bit of anything, such as news or gossip. The tidbits Electricka chooses to present here are about the arts and the wider environment that gives them their context. Electricka's Arts Tidbit Of The Day makes every day an Arts feast day.

The origin of the word tidbit demonstrates how right Electricka is to choose tidbit as the name of this feature. Tidbit is derived from the British word tide, meaning feast day, and bit, as in a small piece or quantity of anything. Thus, to the British, a tidbit is a morsel so choice you are grateful to eat it on a day of feasting even though it is tiny, and even though everyone else is cramming down mouthfuls of plain, old food.

The British derivation of tidbit just about sums up the purpose of Electricka's Arts Tidbit Of The Day, which to to present each day a small but juicy piece of news or information about the arts. As the name implies, Arts Tidbits are refreshed daily; each day you visit this page you will find a new one. This is what makes every day an Arts feast day.

The tidbits Electricka chooses to present are about the arts and the wider environment that gives the arts their context. An arts tidbit can range from a little known fact to a major, well-known idea; it can be a modest original thought you just had or a conceit of rabid invention. It can be taken from virtually any source—a piece of literature, a song, a lecture or text book, something an artist or other personality has said or done, a magazine, a speech, and event in the news, a television program, an amateur recital or play—almost anywhere. It can be about a current or upcoming event or about a piece of history. It can be serious or comic, deep or superficial. It can be useful or or no practical value. It can be a tip or hint—something to do or something to avoid. An Arts Tidbit's one redeeming and essential characteristic: it must be tersely interesting.

Electricka hopes that the arts tidbits you see here will:

  • Remind you of something about the arts you may have forgotten or overlooked.
  • Help you get more from your experiences with the Muses and their arts.
  • Give you a new idea.
  • Give you new hope for what the future brings.
  • Alert you to something worth doing and to what's going on.
  • Leave you with something worth knowing about the arts, however significant or small.
  • Amuse, titillate, inform, educate, advise, inspire.
  • Arm you with leads.
  • Awake you to accomplishments of the past.
  • Help you grow.
  • Make you feel alive.

Contribute an arts tidbit of the day

Know an arts tidbit you think other visitors to Electricka's web site might like to relish? Electricka invites you to send her an arts tidbit that she can publish here.

To encourage visitors to send their tidbits, Electricka has declared Arts Tidbit Of The Day an Arts Information feature. She invites you to explore the guidelines for contributors now.

  • See the guidelines for contributing an arts tidbit: click here.

For more information about this and other Arts Information features, visit the Arts Information page at this web site:

  • Click the words About Arts Information in the Arts Information image at the right side of this page or click here.

about across the muses

Today In The Arts is an Across The Muses feature.

  • Explore other Across The Muses features. Learn more about them. Visit Electricka's page called Welcome To Across The Muses: click here.
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