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Record Grading systems

Here The Muse of Music explores systems for grading the quality of used commercial sound recordings in the consumer recording industry.

About grading systems

There are many ways to grade commercial sound recordings in the used record industry and many grading systems are extant. Why? there are a number of factors contributing to this situation and a number of ways for collectors, audiophiles, and others who buy used records to cope with this situation.


About Technical factors

There are many technical parameters that can affect the quality of a sound recording. The relevant parameters depend the physics of the ear, the listening space, the recording and playback system, the storage medium, and on and on.


a typical commercial record grading system

Electricka presents for your edification this example of a typical commercial record grading system of the kind used by traders who deal in used sound recordings.

  • See an example of a typical commercial used record grading system: tap or click here

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