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Welcome to Recording and playback Technology

The muses are fascinated with recording and playback technology because it enables them to capture, save, and convey art works and information about the arts. Here, Electricka and her muses explore the technologies that enable recording and playback to take place.


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About Recording & playback technology

Knowing the importance of media in the arts, Electricka realizes that the subject should not be overlooked at her web site. At the same time, she understands the enormity of the challenge she would face treating the multitude of complex connections between the arts on one hand and the science and engineering disciplines on the other.

Like the clever muse she is, Electricka's impulse was to convene a panel of experts and let them figure it out. For membership on this panel, she chose her muses.

Electricka realizes that dealing with recording technologies is not an easy task; as artist-gods, her muses are out of their element when it comes to technology. But she has concluded that they're up to the job because they can call on the technical expertise of her visitors and others from relevant scientific and engineering fields when they're needed.

Why are recording technologies difficult to deal with?


Explore Recording & Playback technology

The Muses invite you to join them in an exploration of the technology of recording and playback. They suggest that you begin by reviewing a brief history of events in these fields by visiting the feature called Welcome To The History Of Recordings, Recording, And Playback. From there you can explore the feature called Recordings And Recording - An Historic Account and you can sample Ancient Cave Art From Lascaux

  • Visit the page called Welcome To The History Of Recordings, Recording, And Playback now: click here.


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