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electricka's name that muse polling booth—vote here

Welcome to Electricka's Name That Muse Polling Booth.  Here, everyone is invited to exercise their Muse-Given right to vote. See the candidate muse names being voted on, vote, or just follow along as votes are compiled.

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Sorry, no voting for muse names is taking place at this time.

Return here periodically to check on 1) voting status, 2) voting results as votes come in, and 3) to vote.

Meanwhile, visit these pages:

See Current Name That Muse Winners

Click Here

See muse names Nominated by visitors

Click here

send in your nominations for muse names now

Click Here

Come Up to speed on Name That Muse

Click Here


How To Vote

  1. For each Muse you want to vote for now, click the Muse Name you like best on the Name That Muse Ballot, below.

  2. Click only one Muse Name per Muse, please.

  3. Come back later to vote for muses you don't vote for now.

(NOTE: You can only vote for Muses with voting status=Active. If Winner Name is posted below a red box, voting is closed for that Muse.)

Your Name That Muse Ballot

Vote Here—All visitors welcome!


Voting Results
Muse Name No. Votes So Far Submitted by



Voting Status: pending

Winning Muse Name: pending

Fine Arts

Voting Status: pending

Winning Muse Name: pending

Language Arts

Voting Status: pending

Winning Muse Name: pending


Voting Status: pending

Winning Muse Name: pending


Voting Status: pending

Winning Muse Name: pending


Voting Status: pending

Winning Muse Name: pending

...Thanks for your votes!!...




Track voting progress as votes are tallied

Votes are tallied in real time as voting takes place. To track votes as they are tallied, keep coming back to this page.



Name That Muse Discussion Group


the Name That Muse discussion group at Electricka's Forums is the place to go for visitor discussions about proposed muse names and about voting.

All visitors can see what discussion group members are saying about proposed muse names or voting; they don't have to be Forums members.

  • Visit Electricka's Name That Muse Discussion Group now: click here.

Forums members can carry on discussions with other members.

  • If you're not already a member, join now: click here.

about the name that muse feature—please read this Before you vote

Everyone is invited to vote for a muse name, but if you aren't familiar with the Name That Muse feature, you're voting-illiterate and you're not qualified to vote. You are only allowed to vote once for each muse. Don't squander that vote because you don't know what you're doing; make it count.

If you aren't already familiar with the Name That Muse feature, Electricka strongly suggests that you come up to speed before before you cast that precious vote. It's easy and simple.

  • Become a literate voter. Learn about the Name That Muse feature at Electricka's page called Name That Muse—Names For Electricka's Muses: click here.

make your voice heard! make your vote count!

send your proposed Muse name to electricka

Electricka will stop collecting proposed muse names only when all but the last of her muses has a muse name and the last muse name is up for an election, and not before.

It's not too late to submit your ideas for muse names! Since at least one muse name election is still pending, Electricka is still soliciting your proposed ideas for muse names, names that her visitors can vote for in future elections.

  • What does it mean to submit a muse name? If you aren't already familiar with the nature of proposed names and how to submit them, visit Electricka's page called Name That Muse: click here.
  • If you already know how to submit a proposed muse name and you're ready to submit one now, visit Electricka's Name That Muse Form and send it in: click here.

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