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name that muse—names for electricka's muses!

Imagine how you might feel if you were in ancient Greece and someone asked to to give names to their muses. That is similar to what Electricka is asking you to do in this feature. Here, Names for Electricka's cohort muses will be chosen from muse names that you and other visitors send in.




Earn your just reward! Send Electricka your idea for a muse name now!

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See muse names already sent in by visitors!

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Name That Muse winners

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about Name that Muse

In this feature, Electricka is asking you to give her your ideas for muse names she can give to her cohort muses. She's also asking you to vote for muse names you like best. Why?

Names are important. Remember when Jim Croce sang I Got A Name? Adam named all the animals so he could tell them apart and so they'd come when called. Writers anguish over the names of their characters until their names say what they mean. Public figures and movie stars change their names to reflect their persona.

By helping Electricka give names to her muses, you will help her give each of them a unique  personality, a facea voice of its own, as the expression goes—so that visitors will get to know and care about each cohort muse as though he or she were a friend, ally, and guide. These names will have a lasting impact on this web site.

This Name That Muse feature is Electricka's way of accomplishing this task. Electricka invites you to play a key role in naming each of her cohort muses. It's easy. Your help comes in two parts:

  1. Send Electricka one or more ideas for muse names for each of her cohort muses.
  2. Vote for the muse names you like best.

If you want to play a part in this important process, read on.

What's wrong with  Electricka's muses?...

...Nothing. The muses are fine, as far as they go; the trouble is with their names.

What's wrong with their names? Currently, Electricka's cohort muses are known dryly as:

  • the muse of film.
  • the muse of fine arts.
  • the muse of language arts.
  • the muse of literature.
  • the muse of music.
  • the muse of mythology.

No use trying to deny it; these muse names are just a wee bit stuffy; they're little more than titles. They may be OK for the nonce, but a muse is much more than a title; a muse is a personality, the personification of great art.

Electricka wants her cohort muses to make a vivid and lasting impression on her visitors, one that's worthy of the arts they represent.

As the saying goes, first impressions last the longest. That's why Electricka wants to wring the most from her cohort muse's names. Electricka is seeking names for her muses that make the best possible first impression, starting from the very first moment a visitor is introduced to them, and lasting for as long as the two are joined. She wants her muse's names to sparkle and to wear well, so that they never lose their edge or become dull and boring. She wants their names to all but shout out loud the beauty and majesty of the art they personify.

Electricka knows that the right choice of names is essential for achieving these goals. She also knows that her visitors have a key role to play in finding these precious few right names.

what you can do to set things rightHelp Electricka pick the rock'emest, sock'emest muse names anywhere!

send Electricka your idea for a Muse Name now

Interested in helping Electricka find muse names for future votes? Send Electricka your ideas! Here's how.


vote for the Muse Names you like best

Interested in helping Electricka and her visitors vote for future muse names? Want to follow along as the votes come in?

Vote for the names you like best at Electricka's Name That Muse Polling Booth! Here's how.


gifts of appreciation

Visitors who submit a name that Electricka chooses for voting receive a heart-felt thank-you gift from Electricka. Visitors who submit a name that wins a vote receive an even nicer thank-you gift.

Electricka wishes to express her heartfelt appreciation and thanks in advance to all visitors who send in proposed muse names or who vote. She also thanks those who just follow the proposed muse name submission process or the muse name voting process, whether or not they submit a muse name or vote for a muse name.

there's a special thank-you waiting for those of you who submit a proposed muse name or who vote:

  • Visitors who submit a proposed name that Electricka chooses to put to a vote by visitors receive gifts of appreciation from Electricka.
  • Visitors who submit a muse name that wins a visitor vote receive an even nicer thank-you gift.
  • See the thank-you gifts you will receive when your muse name is accepted for a vote or when it wins a vote: click here.

Electricka invites you to go ahead!...Earn thank-you gifts...Submit as many muse names as you like! Vote as many times as the rules allow. Go crazy!

what happens after you vote or send in a name—how it works, step by step

Here's a step-by-step overview of everything that happens when you send in a muse name or vote. If you plan to take part in the Name That Muse feature, you'll want to take a look at this summary.

For each muse:

  1. Visitors send in muse names on forms.
  2. Electricka chooses finalists from among the muse names that visitors send.
  3. Visitors vote for the muse names they like from among these finalists.
  4. Electricka considers visitor voting when she chooses final muse names.


See muse names already sent in by visitors

You'll find proposed muse names sent in by visitors at the page called Name That Muse Submissions. If you send in a proposed muse name of your own, you'll find it there, too. Electricka is considering these names as candidates for visitor voting or may already have picked some of them for a run-off election.

Electricka has six cohort muses. Each one needs a name. One of these proposed muse names eventually will be chosen for each muse. Altogether, six of the proposed muse names at the Name That Muse Submissions page are likely to become the permanent names of six of Electricka's cohort muses, one for each muse. One or more of them could be yours.

You don't have to send in a muse name to follow along with the voting as proposed muse names are sent in by other visitors. Return again and again to the page called Muse Name submissions to see new entries and to see how the list of proposed muse names grows.

  • Curious about the muse names proposed by visitors so far?
  • Want to compare your muse name ideas with muse names from other visitors?
  • Want to see the muse names you or others have already sent in?

more About this feature

Electricka wants names for her muses that make her visitors sit up and take notice. Encountering a muse for the first time should be a little like being smacked in the face by a first encounter with a Modigliani oil, a Brancusi statue, or a Jimmy Hendrix riff; it should wake you up, grab your attention, start you thinking and feeling.

At subsequent encounters, there's also a recognition factor to consider. A muse's name should make you feel as though it's alive to your imagination; just hearing, seeing, or thinking about it should be enough to bring to mind the muse's background, personality, appearance, and other significant traits. One should be able to tell just from the name that excitement lies just around the corner.

Electricka believes that soliciting names from visitors like you is the best way to ensure that the names her cohort muses eventually receive are these kinds of names, names that visitors will remember and relate to. Finding muse names by soliciting them from visitors will take some time but it's well worth the effort.

Electricka believes that having visitors vote for the muse names they like best is the surest way to find the best possible names for her cohort muses, names that all her visitors can warm up to.

discuss Name that muse at the Name That Muse discussion group At electricka's Forums

What is Electricka's Forums? Electricka's Forums is a collection of online forums and discussion groups at Electricka's web site where visitors to Electricka's web site make their voices heard. At Electricka's Forums you meet others with interests similar to yours online and exchange information, and much, much more.

Electricka has established a Name That Muse discussion group at Electricka's Forums whose purpose is to facilitate Muse Name submissions, visitor discussions, idea interchanges, and voting.

At the Name That Muse Discussion Group at Electricka's Forums:

everyone can...

  • All visitors can see what discussion group members are saying about proposed muse names, voting, and other Name That Muse topics. You don't have to be a Forums member.

Discussion group members can...

  • Forums members have these additional rights and privileges: click here.

About Electricka's muses

If you aren't already familiar with Electricka's cohort muses or with the muses of ancient Greece, you may want to find out more about them before you decide on a muse name to submit or to vote for:

  • For the ancient and modern muses, visit the page called What's a Muse?: click here.
  • For Electricka, visit the page called Introducing Electricka: click here.
  • For Electricka's cohort muses, visit the page called About Electricka's Vision: click here.




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