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Symbol Of The Week

about symbol of the week

At this feature you can explore what symbols reveal about the nature and history of mankind.

Each week Electricka explores a symbol that represents an abstract or concrete object. The object that the symbol represents may be abstract or concrete. For both the symbol and the object represented by the symbol, she attempts to present the symbol's meaning and significance, to recount its cultural and historical background, and to offer other pertinent facts and ideas, as relevant.

Symbol Of The Week write-ups are contributed by Electricka's visitors and by ETAF Staff.

The number of abstract and physical symbols and symbol systems devised by society throughout the millennia is vast. Electricka has no hope of being able to present even a small fraction of them in this feature, or even a sizeable fraction of the symbols that are still in circulation. But she'll try.

about symbols, symbol systems, symbolism, and symbolists—Understanding symbols and why they are important

A symbol is something that represents something else by association, resemblance, or convention. A symbol derives its meaning chiefly from the thing it represents, yet it has an inherent value that is separable from the thing it represents—that's what differentiates a symbol from from a sign.

Ever wonder why symbols can be so powerful, why they can evoke so much emotion and provoke people to take action? Read on...


About the two features: Symbol of the Week and Graphic symbol of the day

You are now visiting an feature sponsored by Electricka called Symbol Of The Week. Another feature called Graphic Symbol Of The Day is a related but distinctly different feature that is sponsored by The Muse Of Fine Art. Do not confuse the two features.


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Electricka invites you to send her a Symbol of the Week she can publish here. She will publish it in these pages.

To encourage visitors to send a symbol, Electricka has declared Symbol of The Week a ByLine feature. She invites you to explore the guidelines for contributors now.

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Today In The Arts is an Across The Muses feature.

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