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Welcome to Movie Reviews, The Muse Of Film's feature which presents reviews of arts-related films.


about this feature

A review is an article or report, critique, or evaluation. A review may also be a survey over a whole subject or division of it, especially an article making a critical reconsideration and summary of something written. Reviewing is the process of going over a subject or work in order to fix it in the memory or summarize the facts. A critique is a judgment, either favorable or unfavorable, or both.

The movie reviews presented here contain all of the elements that make up a review; that is, a particular review may describe a movie, critique a movie, survey a subject related to movies, or any combination thereof. A movie review may be neutral, favorably disposed, or unfavorably disposed.

In Movie Reviews, the reviewed works are limited to art-related films or subject areas related to the art of films—that is, movies and topics that in one way or another are about the arts. To qualify for a review, a movie can be:

  • About arts topics presented by The Muses on other pages of this web site.
  • About movies that have exceptional artistic merit in their own right but are not explicitly about the arts.
  • Documentary or dramatized films about art subjects such as sculpture or painting techniques, artists, or films about the making of films.



The Muse's collection of movie reviews is augmented continually. Look for more reviews by returning here periodically.

The Muse Of Film is pleased to present these reviews:

future availability

The Muse plans to add reviews to this feature whenever circumstances warrant. Return here periodically to check for additions.

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