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Welcome to music of the second world war era

On these pages, The Muse Of Music explores music of the Second World War Era, music spawned by war and the threat of war that was popular in the United States and England during the 1930s and 40s. Here The Muse demonstrates that music of the Second World War Era may be gone, but it is certainly not forgotten.

About I Don't want to walk without you

You're listening to two selections taken from a single recording by Harry James and his orchestra. First they play the introduction to I Don't Want To Walk Without You, one of the most popular songs of the time. What a trumpet! Or, as they liked to say in the golden age of the Big Band, what a lip! After a brief pause, Helen Forrest sings a portion of the refrain.

I Don't Want to Walk Without You is a song about lonely people worried about their loved ones and afraid of what the future might bring; it's a song about separation. The notion of separation occupied people a great deal in WWII, and songs about separation were heard far more often even than patriotic songs.

Much of the music in these pages will dwell on the theme of separation. Why? Because war is a young man's occupation. Of all age groups, young men are most in harm's way. Understandably, young men want more than anything else to return to the safety of their homes and to the arms of their sweethearts. Their sweethearts, who miss them, want the same things. And parents of solders and sweethearts feel a responsibility toward them because they see them as fledglings who haven't left the nest.

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about Gone but not forgotten

Gone But Not Forgotten is the place at Electricka's web site where The Muse Of Music celebrates the bygone eras of so-called "popular" music, music dating from the first half of the twentieth century, with the emphasis on music of the Two World Wars and the Big Band Era of the 30's and 40's. The Muse remembers the people who created and played the music and the those who listened to it live.

The Muse suggests that you visit Gone But Not Forgotten before you proceed with Music Of The Second World War Era. After that, return here and continue your journey through the Second World War era.

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Welcome To Music Of The Second World War Era

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