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Gone but not forgotten

Here The Muse Of Music celebrates the bygone eras of so-called "popular" music of the first half of the twentieth century, with emphasis on music of the Two World Wars and the Big Band Era of the 30's and 40's. The Muse remembers the people who created the music and those who listened to it.

About Sentimental Journey

The smooth and luscious voice you hear is that of Doris Day singing Sentimental Journey. (She's backed up by Les Brown and His Band of Renown, who plays a long, luxurious intro that, sadly, we've had to abbreviate). (If you don't hear music, click here).

Being from the South, it is fitting that Doris Day sing this number; so many Southerners took sentimental journeys home by steam locomotive after leaving the South during the 30s and 40s to find work in the big cities of the North. (The modern-day equivalent is the Gladys Knight and the Pips rendition of Midnight Train to Georgia.)

forgotten? No way!

The music is also fitting because, if you're willing, The Muse Of Music will take you on a sentimental journey of your own, back to the all-but-forgotten music of long ago.

If you're willing, The Muse Of Music hereby declares the sentimental journey to be a thing of the past no more. The Muse extends a hand and invites you to come join a journeythis journeyto the last century. Come experience the music of an era revived.

In the feature The Muse calls Gone But Not Forgotten, the Muse takes us on that long trip back to renew old memories. The old times and places may be gone forever, but in this trip, the adventure is not forgotten.

Those who were alive "back then," who heard these wonderful, fresh, frenetic, and exciting sounds with their own ears when they were never-before-new, who felt them played "live" with their own bodies, have slipped awayor to be precise, they are slipping away rapidly. We're losing more and more of these good souls, they ones who jumped and swayed to those "fascinatin' rhythms."

Too soon they will all be gone. But when they were alive and kicking (literally) they called this, "their music;" they responded to it with their hearts and minds, kicked to it with their heels, lived by and through it. It helped them slog through the hard and fearful days of a depression, through the tense days leading up to a world war, and through the war itself. It lifted them on good news and kept them going on bad. It motivated them to achieve greatness and helped them accept monumental sacrifices.

Today it seems odd that relatively few of those who lived through those gloomy and uncertain times reflected seriously on the role their music played, as we do today; few realized they were passing through an era unlike any that had passed before them, one that would not return. They took their music for granted.


About Gone but not forgotten

On these pages you will find all sorts of information about music of the first half of the twentieth century, as well as selections from the music of this period. The Muse's aim is to acquaint you with the music and musical personalities of this era, and through this music some of the period's joys and sorrows.

There are three eras to explore:

  1. The First World War Era
  2. Big Band Era
  3. The Second World War Era

Join with The Muse as we journey back in time. Click the era you wish to visit.


More Gone But Not Forgotten features are on the way. Return to this page from time to time to see what's new.

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