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the Glossary of musical terms

The Muse Of Music is pleased to offer you a glossary of musical terms. Use it to look up the meaning of terms used in music.

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About the glossary of musical terms

The Muse Of Music is pleased to offer you an extensive automated glossary of musical terms.

The Glossary is designed to assist anyone interested in looking up the meaning of a musical term, whether a professional or non-professional. It takes the form of a searchable and sortable table containing hundreds of musical words, signs, symbols, and their definitions. Definitions are given in the English language. In addition to definitions, the table offers you information and comments about the terms, as appropriate. The terms and definitions in the table may be searched, sorted, printed, and otherwise arranged for your convenience.



Did The Muse omit a musical term from the Glossary? Should a term now in the Glossary be amended, deleted, or redefined? Let The Muse know. Use Muse Mail to request a change or update.

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