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What's a Nymph?

In ancient Greece, a nymph was any of a large class of inferior female divinities, usually associated with growing things such as plants or with water.

A nymph was not an immortal, but lived a long time and was kindly disposed toward man.

Nymphs are distinguished according to the aspect of nature they are associated with:

  • Oceanids sea nymphs

  • Nereids saltwater and freshwater

  • Naiads springs, rivers, lakes

  • Oreads mountains, grottos

  • Napaeae glens and groves

  • Alseids glens and groves

  • Dryads forests and trees

  • Hamadryads forests and trees

Italian mythology originated divinities of springs and streams and water goddesses called Lymphae which in time became identified with their Greek counterparts in the same way as Italian gods eventually became identified with Greek gods.

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