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welcome to comparative mythology

Welcome to The Muse of Mythology's exploration of comparative mythology.

about comparative mythology

Comparative mythology is the field of study that seeks to derive general principles from a comparison and classification of different mythologies and religions by examining their content, growth, influence, common origins, and evolution.

Three branches of comparative mythology are extant: 1) Linguistic, which examines language relationships between myths of different cultures, 2) Structural, which explores underlying structures shared by different myths, and 3) Psychological, which compares the same or similar psychological forces at work in myths from indifferent cultures.

In these pages, The Muse Of Mythology invites you to join in an exploration of this intriguing, rich, and immensely rewarding field. Dare to tread where strange and exotic gods and goddesses lurk. Visit familiar and unfamiliar lands, myths, fairy tales, legends, and fables.


Fantastic creatures of the world

The Muse Of Mythology is pleased to present a comprehensive table displaying a dazzling variety of all types of outlandish, bizarre, and grotesque beings, here called fantastic creatures.

Fantastic creatures in this table were conceived from, in, and by all historic periods, cultures, mythologies, societies, and media. Although they were or are real to those who believed (or believe) in them, most people would agree that the majority of these creatures are actually only ethereal wisps without substance; they dwell eternally, but only in the realm of man's imagination.

Some of the fantastic creatures in this list are active today in mankind's psyche, where they loom large and murky, shouting silent, subterranean messages pregnant with meaning. Still others may be more carnal than you might like to think—they might actually have lived in the past or be alive today! But don't be frightened; in their present form—sequestered in a table of fantastic creatures—they can do you no harm...or can they?

  • Take a few risks! Live a little! Explore the realm of fantastic creatures. Visit Fantastic Creatures Of The World: click here.

the Gallery of fantastic creatures

Hurry, hurry! Come one, come all. See gobs of fantastic creatures at the Gallery Of Fantastic Creatures. Stroll along the gallery's halls and marvel at the pictures of creatures hanging from the walls. See images of some of the most fantastic creatures man has imagined. See some of the creatures on display in the feature called Fantastic Creatures Of The World.

  • Explore the feature called the Gallery Of Fantastic Creatures: click here.


the table of fantastic creatures of the world

If you're interested in fantastic creatures, The Muse suggests that you explore them using the Table Of Fantastic Creatures. This table presents is  is automated table that make it easy to explore and make comparisons among creatures.

  • The Muse Of Mythology invites you to explore the table of Fantastic Creatures Of The World now: click here.

the world of deities

Here The Muse Of Mythology explores the pantheon of deities that have appeared in mythologies throughout the ages.

A number of the deities cited in this feature are generously represented in the arts. theyfigure in such fields as drama, music, literature, and fine arts. Some have appeared time and time again, not just in one artistic work or field but in many of them. Most have appeared prominently in some of the most important and memorable creative works of mankind or have at least been assigned a supporting role.

  • Explore the feature called the World Of Deities: click here


the table of deities

Some mythological deities are fantastic creatures; some fantastic creatures are mythological deities.

If you're interested in mythological deities, The Muse suggests that you explore the pantheon of mythological gods at The Muse Of Mythology's feature called Welcome To The Table Of Deities.

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