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welcome to the gallery of fantastic creatures


Hurry, hurry! Come one, come all. See images of fantastic creatures. Stroll through the gallery's halls and marvel at the pictures of creatures hanging from the walls. See representations of some of the most fantastic creatures man can imagine.


the Muse Of Mythology invites you to explore the Gallery Of Fantastic Creatures

Visit the East Wing of the Gallery

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Visit the West Wing of the Gallery

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about this feature

In this feature, The Muse Of Mythology invites you to explore a corner of the realm of the outlandish, bizarre, exotic, and grotesque—a corner of man's atavistic imagination—the world of fantastic creatures.

The fantastic creatures in this feature are displayed in the form of a slideshow containing scores of creatures. These creatures have been conceived from, in, and by past and present periods, cultures, mythologies, societies, histories, places, and media the world over. The Muse has collected these creatures from all over the world and has put them on display for your edification, information, and enjoyment in the Gallery Of Fantastic Creatures.

The arts are among the richest sources of fantastic creatures. Artistic sources that The Muse has consulted for this feature include:

  • Myth
  • Legend
  • Literature
  • Movies
  • Fine Arts
  • Music

Since the mind of homo sapiens sapiens is fertile and universal, a goodly number of fantastic creatures resemble each other in one way or another, even though they stem from widely diverse places, periods, cultures, sources, art forms, media, or artists. By the same token, many look or act differently. Many who have participated in myths or legends tell different stories.

Hundreds, maybe thousands, of fantastic creatures inhabit this twilight world of man's imagination, but The Muse presents only a representative sample for your review. For The Muse, presenting too many fantastic creatures could lead to exhaustion; for the visitor, exploring too many creatures in one place and at one time could cause dizziness.

about fantastic creatures

What is a fantastic creature?

  • A creature is an animal, especially a nonhuman.
  • A fantastic creature is a creature conceived or appearing as if conceived by an unrestrained imagination.


about the gallery

The Muse has placed these fantastic creatures in the Gallery Of Fantastic Creatures for their safekeeping and for yours.

Why yours? The Gallery is phantasmagoric and the creatures hiding out therein are a shifting series of phantasms, illusions, or deceptive appearances. They show up and leave the scene as in a dream or in the imagination. If that isn't enough to ruffle one, even though some of the creatures that inhabit these exotic lands are delightful, others are dangerous.

But fear not; whether dangerous or delightful, the majority of creatures in the Gallery have been proven fantastic; they are actually only images, specters posing as real. Some take the form of reproductions, sketches, drawings, photos, or paintings, while others are reproductions of sculptures, movie clips, or animations.

Since all creatures in the Gallery are mere artist's conceptsnone have been proven to exist or ever to have existedyou can relax. You can be sure that they will never actually help or harm anyone. Even though many historic cultures have taken these creatures seriously and believed in them, you don't have to. theycan't help or hurt anyone anymore.

The moral? Don't be afraid of afrits.

this gallery has wings

The Gallery takes the form of a slideshow. For your convenience, the fantastic creatures in the Gallery are displayed in two wings—The East Wing and The West Wing. Each wing is a separate slideshow and each slide in a show is analogous to a room in a gallery:

  1. The East Wing contains images of fantastic creatures in alphabetical order with names starting with the beginning letters of the alphabet.
  2. The West Wing contains images of fantastic creatures in alphabetical order with names starting with the ending letters of the alphabet.

take the tour

Touring either Gallery is as easy as pie. Here's how.

First, decide on which wing you want to tour and enter that wing by navigating to it. The tour in each wing begins automatically as soon as you enter.

Touring options:

  1. Watch a series of thumbnail images of fantastic creatures pass by.
    • Click a thumbnail you like and jump directly to the full-scale image of the creature it represents...
    • ...Or wait until thumbnail images finish. Full-scale images of fantastic creatures in their rooms will automatically appear.
  2. Use the navigation buttons at the bottom of the gallery screen at any time to jump back and forth between thumbnail images and rooms with full-scale creature images. Navigation buttons are located at the bottom of your gallery screen; scroll down to reveal buttons.
  • The Muse Of Mythology now invites you to explore the Gallery Of Fantastic Creatures:

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Explore more about topics closely related to this feature.

Fantastic creatures of the world

You are now exploring The Gallery Of Fantastic Features, which is one part of The Muse's feature titled The World Of Fantastic Creatures. The World Of Fantastic Creatures describes a dazzling variety of fantastic creatures in addition to the ones you see here.

  • Take a few risks! Live a little! Explore the entire realm of fantastic creatures; see all that it has to offer. Visit Fantastic Creatures Of The World now: click here.

The Table Of Fantastic Creatures Of The World

The feature titled The Table Of Fantastic Features Of The World is another part of The World Of Fantastic Creatures. Some of the creatures on display in the Gallery Of Fantastic Creatures that you are now visiting are described in more detail there, in the Table.

Zoo budgets being what they are, The Gallery is just too small to hold all the creatures you'll find in the Table. If you decide to explore the Table, you'll find descriptions of many more creatures than those whose pictures you just visited in the Gallery.

  • Explore the Table Of Fantastic Creatures Of The World now: click here.

the table of deities

Traditions, cultural mores, and mythologies are all mixed up; they overlap. Some mythological deities are fantastic creatures; some fantastic creatures are mythological deities. Some of the fantastic creatures on display in the Gallery Of Fantastic Creatures are gods.

If you've spotted some gods in the Gallery or if you have a general interest in gods, you may want to explore the pantheon of mythological gods at The Muse Of Mythology's feature called Welcome To The Table Of Deities.

When you visit Fantastic Creatures Of The World or the Table Of Deities, you may want to explore the relationship between these different kinds of entities.

Great Fine Arts Galleries & Museums Of The World

The Gallery Of Fantastic Creatures is patterned after the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain which was designed and constructed by brilliant architect Frank Gehry. Take a good look at the photo, above; it's one of the greatest museums ever built.

  • Explore galleries and museums around the world and throughout time at the feature titled great Fine Arts galleries & museums of the world: click here.

About Muses & Museums

Museums house the arts of The Muses; they're one of the most important kinds of structures on earth. The word museum is derived from the ancient Greek word for muses.

  • Explore the connection between muses and museums at the feature called About Muses And Museums: click here.

ETAF Recommends


Mythological Creatures: A Classical Bestiary by Lynn Curlee. This is a book for young readers with good illustrations by the author.



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