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The Muse Of Mythology welcomes you to the feature called Table Of Deities. Here, you are invited to explore the pantheon of mythological gods and goddesses.

about this feature

Here The Muse Of Mythology explores the pantheon of deities that have appeared in mythologies throughout the ages.

A number of the deities cited in this feature are generously represented in the arts. They figure in such fields as drama, music, literature, and fine arts. Some have appeared time and time again, not just in one artistic work or field but in many of them. Most have appeared prominently in some of the most important and memorable creative works of mankind or have at least been assigned a supporting role.

The Muse presents the deities in this feature in the form of an automated table containing hundreds of deities, with each row dedicated to a particular deity.

What is a deity? In mythology, a deity is:

  • A god or goddess.
  • A divine mythological character.
  • An estate or rank that can be attained by an individual before or after death.
  • A person or thing revered as a god or goddess.
  • A superhuman entity.

about the Table of deities

The Table Of Deities is the place where The Muse Of Mythology presents many of the most prominent deities that appear in many of the most important extant mythologies of the world. Its primary purpose is to display and describe many of these Deities

The Table Of Deities is an automated table that is searchable, sortable, and printable. It offers you these and other features that will assist you to rapidly, easily, and conveniently search for, find, and arrange results. These features make it easier to make comparisons among the gods.

Columns in the table include:

  • Deity name.
  • Origin or source—e.g., culture, society, period, mythology, writings, movie, author, medium.
  • Description—e.g., attributes, appearance, powers, characteristics, behavior.
  • Role in the arts—connections with the muses, word origins, literary references, depictions in works of fine art or music, film, and other arts, fields of human endeavor.

Of course, the Table does not exhaust this field. Literally thousands of deities have been conceived by mankind. Creating an exhaustive table would be too daunting a task. The connections with the muses and the arts are not meant to do more than get you started.


  • The Muse Of Mythology invites you to explore the Table Of Deities now: click here.

related features

Some of the deities in the Table Of Deities are fantastic. If you're interested in fantastic creatures and have a hankering to delve further into the realm of fantasy, you may be interested in exploring another Muse Of Mythology feature called Fantastic Creatures Of The World.

One thing leads to another. If you'd like to have a gander at some of these creatures—see artist's conceptions of what they look like—then you probably want to explore another of The Muse's features, one called the Gallery Of Fantastic Creatures.

Fantastic creatures of the world

What is a fantastic creature?

  • A creature is an animal, especially a nonhuman.
  • A fantastic creature is a creature conceived or appearing as if conceived by an unrestrained imagination.

The Muse Of Mythology is pleased to present the feature called Fantastic Creatures Of The World, where you will encounter a dazzling variety of these very interesting but peculiar kinds of creatures.

  • Take a few risks! Live a little! Explore the realm of fantastic creatures. Visit The Muse Of Mythology's feature called Fantastic Creatures Of The World: click here.

the Gallery of fantastic creatures

Hurry, hurry! Come one, come all. See the fantastic creatures. Stroll along the Gallery's halls and marvel at the pictures of creatures hanging from the walls. See images of some of the most fantastic creatures man has imagined. Explore The Muse Of Mythology's feature called Gallery of Fantastic Creatures. Look at and admire the art work and creative imaginations of scores of visual artists from times long past to the present.

Fantastic Creatures Of The World and the Gallery Of Fantastic Creatures complement and supplement each other. Many of the creatures described in Fantastic Creatures Of The World are on display in the Gallery. You can see what they look like there.

  • If you're interested in the fantastic, you can't afford to miss the feature called the Gallery Of Fantastic Creatures: click here.

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