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Electricka A Life In The Arts - "Hello Everyone," An Appreciation of Dr. Karl Haas Open

Here, Electricka and The Muse Of Music explore the life and work of Dr. Karl Haas. Karl Haas was a distinguished classical music performer and exegetist—a presenter, interpreter, and explainer—who for decades originated a widely-syndicated and highly successful radio program on the subject of classical music.

Dr. Haas is sorely missed by those who had the good fortune to hear him and his dedicated followers will long remember him. Too bad everyone couldn't have had the same opportunity. We are grateful for his contributions.

Electricka A Life in the Arts—Margaret Petherbridge Farrar Open

Considering the extent of the contributions she made to the world of crossword puzzles, Margaret Farrar (née Petherbridge) more than earned her title as The First Lady of Crosswords; it's as apt an appellation as one can find. Explore her life, achievements, and contributions.

Electricka A Life In The Arts—The Life Of Siegfried Sassoon Open

Sassoon was born September 8, 1886 in Brenchley, Kent, England, and died September 1, 1967, in Heytesbury, Wiltshire, England. He enlisted in World War I and was twice wounded seriously while serving as an officer in France. He became widely known for his antiwar poetry, such as The Old Huntsman (1917) and Counterattack (1918), and his public affirmation of pacifism, after he had won the Military Cross and while he was still in the army. His antiwar protests were at first attributed to shell shock, and he was confined for a time in a sanatorium, where he met and influenced another pacifist soldier-poet, Wilfred Owen, whose works he published after Owen was killed at the front.

Explore the life of Siegfried Sassoon.

Electricka A Life In The Arts—The Life Of Wilfred Owen Open

Wilfred Owen, perhaps the greatest English poet to come out of WW1, was born March 18, 1893, in Oswestry, Shropshire, England, and was killed in action in the First World War, on November 4, 1918, in France. He is noted for his anger at the cruelty and waste of war and his pity for its victims. He also is important for his technical experiments in poetic assonance, which were particularly influential in the 1930s.

Electricka A Life In The Arts—The Life Of Will Shortz Open

Will Shortz, born 1952, is a crossword puzzle editor, constructor, tournament director, and game historian par excellence. He currently occupies the same crossword puzzle editor's desk at the New York Times as the one established in 1942 by Margaret Farrar, another crossword puzzle editor par excellence.

Electricka About Arts Information Features Open

Arts Information is concisely-presented non-fictional information about The art or arts-related subjects that you prepare and submit for Electricka to publish.

Send in your 1) links to other arts web sites, including your own, 2) news about arts events or personalities, 3) descriptions of arts-related places to visit online or in person--any kind of arts-related information that adds to a visitor's store of knowledge about arts sponsored by Electricka's muses.

This is an Arts Information feature. See guidelines: click here

Electricka About ByLines Features Open

1) See original contributions to the arts made by visitors to Electricka's web site. 2) Find out how to publish your own original creative work of art at Electricka's web site and thereby receive ByLine credit.

This is a Bylines feature. See guidelines: click here

Electricka About Downloading And Viewing Open

This page explains what you need to know to successfully download files from Electricka's web site to your home or laptop computer, eBook reader, or other device and to view and use them once downloaded.

Electricka About Electricka's Blogs Open

Electricka is pleased to offer these blogs about the arts: 1) Electricka's Blogs, and 2) Speculative Fiction.

Electricka's Blog is all about Electricka. Subjects at Electricka's Blog include Electricka's web site, Electricka's, the arts, new and existing features, humor, novelties, things you can do or acquire, and lots more.

Speculative Fiction is a literary genre that includes the subgenre fantasy and the subgenre science fiction, as well as some horror and occult fiction. Today, both these subgenres of Speculative Fiction have gained respectability and are popular among readers of both sexes and all ages.

This blog discusses many of the various subgenres of both fantasy and science fiction. It explores stories, books, and authors. It even talks about the fans and conventions that prove the popularity of these genres around the world.

Electricka suggests that first you learn about and explore Electricka's blogs by visiting the page at Electricka's web site called About Electricka's Blogs. Then visit the blogs themselves. Or jump ahead and visit one of these blogs now if you prefer.

Orient yourself to all of Electricka's blogs. Visit About Electricka's Blogs: click here.

Explore Electricka's Blogs now: click here

Explore Electricka's Speculative Fiction blog now: click here

Electricka About Kokopelli Open

Who is Kokopelli? Kokopelli is a fertility deity venerated today by numerous Native American tribes. He was also venerated by the ancient Puebloan peoples of the American Southwest, peoples called the Anasazi or ancient ones by the present-day Navajo. His history may well go as far back as 1,200 BCE and his mythology may have evolved until as late as circa 1,200 CE. Kokopelli plays an active role in many aspects of Native American life today. He is important to such tribes as the Hopi, Zuni, Taos, Acoma, and others. His chief role among these and other tribes is to preside over childbirth and agriculture.

Language Arts About Latinisms Open

Latin is fundamental. The Muse Of Language Arts offers you a number of Latin resources that can help you any time and anywhere you need to look up a Latin reference.

Mythology About Muses & Museums Open

Did you know that the notion of a museum was invented in Ancient Greece, where it was defined as a building or place where works of art, scientific specimens, or other objects of permanent value are kept and displayed? The Greek word for museum, Mouseion, means shrine of the Muses.

Thus, a museum is a place sacred to the Muses, a building devoted to learning and the arts. In ancient Greece, any place devoted to learning and the arts was called a museum—a muse place! When you visit a museum, you enter a holy place, one sacred to the gods.

Electricka and her cohort muses invite you to explore the connection between the muses and museums.

Language Arts About Portmanteau Words And The Portmanteau Words Table Open

Read about portmanteau words. See a list of portmanteau words in the Portmanteau Words table.

This is an Arts Information feature. See guidelines: click here

Film About Prizes For Film Open

Listed here are awards for excellence and achievement in various phases of the film making art.

Electricka About Tables Of Contents - Overview Open

A table of contents at Electricka's site (TOC) is similar to a a table of contents in a book. You can use it to find pages that contain features and information you want to see. When you see the name of a page in a TOC that you want to visit, simply click the name and the page will open. This feature explains TOCs and how to use them.

Electricka About The ETAF-Amazon Association Open

Now, through the ETAF-Amazon Association you can easily and economically acquire quality books, music, movies, posters, reproductions, and other fine arts resources and add them to your personal collection. The assembly of books, audio CDs, DVDs, and other arts-related materials that you can obtain through this Association is called the ETAF-Amazon Collection. Thanks to the Association, any book or other arts resource that is a member of the ETAF-Amazon Collection is available to you on a preferred basis.

Learn more about this Association and how you can beneft from it by visiting this feature.

Electricka About The History Of Recordings And Recording Open In these pages, Electricka and her muses explore the history, miracle, and blessing of records and recording. Recording is the act or practice of a person or thing that records. As Electricka and her muses use the term here, recording includes the following topics: recordings, recording, and playback. Often the term recording is used synonymously with the terms recordings and playback
Film Academy Awards Open

The Muse Of Film presents a list of past winners and nominees of the Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Actress for the years since the Academy Awards began in 1928. Here, you will explore the Oscars and the Academy at large.

Electricka Across The Muses Open

Here, Electricka presents features about the arts that involve more than one of her cohort muses. Each Across The Muses feature explores either: 1) a single art that incorporates or melds two or more different arts, 2) distinct multiple arts that all share some single aspect of art, 3) two or more different arts that profit from comparison, or 4) the arts generally. As the term is used here, a melded art is an art form that combines or incorporates two or more separate and distinct arts into a single new and different kind of art form. Two examples are opera and film.

Literature Aids For Readers Open

Electricka's Aids For Readers is a collection of features at Electricka's web site that can help you read better and with more ease. Have these aids handy "by your bed side" for easy reference the way you would a dictionary or encyclopedia. Use them while you are reading or at any other time.

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