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Electricka The World Of Arts Games And Gaming Open

With the help and participation of visitors, Electricka and her muses seek to to raise the level of awareness of the arts among gamers at large and to increase the repertory of arts-related games available to gamers in all walks of life.

If you want to keep up with what's going on in the field of arts-related games and gaming or if you have something to contribute, this feature is the place to be.

Electricka Electricka's Artistic Credits Open

Electricka believes in giving justly-deserved credit to the creators and sources of many of the sights and sounds used at this site. Electricka and ETAF acknowledge their debt to those who have given of themselves through the years for the betterment of the arts and for the benefit of those who follow the arts. They join all followers of the Muses in thanking them.

See Electricka's artistic credits now.

Electricka Contact Electricka Open

Get in touch with Electricka at these addresses.

Electricka offers a choice of URLs for opening pages at her web site. She also offers different email addresses for sending email. The various URLs and email addresses give you options for opening pages and sending email that make getting in touch easier, more convenient, and more effective.

Electricka Electricka's E-Mail Center Open

Electricka's Email Center is the place where you get in on the email action. Here you subscribe to Electricka's e-mailings, unsubscribe, manage your email subscriptions so that they're tailor-made to your preferences, and do much more. Sign up here to receive your e-mailings from Electricka!...Your communication with Electricka is immeasurably enhanced when you do.

Electricka Technical Support Open

Electricka sincerely hopes that you are not experiencing technical problems using her web site, but if you do, here's the place at her web site where you can go to get help.

Electricka E-Mails to the Editor Open

A column similar to the letters to the editor column in a newspaper, but instead of relying on mail and newsprint Electricka communicates via browser.

Visitors may submit their questions, comments, or requests about the arts or about Electricka's web site online and see answers or comments from Electricka, her cohort muses, or other visitors.

As you may have guessed, the "E" in E-Mail stands for Electricka.

Electricka The Second World War Era Open

Explore music of the Second World War Era, music spawned by war and the threat of war that was popular in The United States and England during the 1930s and 40s. Here The Muse Of Music demonstrates that music of The Second World War Era may be gone, but it is certainly not forgotten.

Electricka The First World War Era Open

Explore Music Of The First World War Era—pre-war and between-the-wars music of America and its Allies during the first half of the 20th century. Here The Muse Of Music demonstrates that the music of The First World War Era may be gone, but it is certainly not forgotten.

Electricka Zoot Suit Open

Are you in the groove? Can you “dig a zoot suit with a reet pleat and a drape shape and a stuff cuff to look sharp enough to see your Sunday gal?” Want to see and hear more of this once-cool but now quaint jive talk?

Explore music of WWII and the world of jive talk, zoot suits, and the Zoot Suit Riots at the Zoot Suit page of the Muse Of Music's Gone But Not Forgotten feature called Zoot Suit.

Electricka Automated Tables Open

Automated tables are tables at Electricka's web site that contain information about the arts in list or table-entry form. Each table is either an automated table-of-contents or it contains arts information for you to explore directly. With the aid of these tables, you can quickly, easily, and more surely locate and explore arts features that match your interests and visit them; you can find arts information that you want to have.

Looking for arts features or arts information relevant to your interests with these tables can superior to searching manually because they enable you to automatically perform keyword searches, sort or print search results, and manipulate table contents in other ways. With them you are less likely to overlook features or miss information you may want to see.

Electricka Publish Your Original Arts-Related Puzzle Or Quiz Open

Have fun, show off your knowledge of the arts, find an outlet for your creative juices, and get credit for your work, all at the same time.

See why you should create an original arts-related puzzle or quiz for Electricka to publish. Visit the page called The World Of Arts Games And Gaming: click here.

Your original arts-related puzzle will be published in the Arts Puzzles feature alongside other arts-related puzzles that Electricka's visitors can solve: click here.

See guidelines for Arts Puzzles: click here.

Your original arts-related quiz will be published in the Arts Quizzes feature alongside other arts-related quizzes that Electricka's visitors can solve: click here.

See guidelines for Arts Quizzes: click here.

Electricka About The ETAF-Amazon Association Open

Now, through the ETAF-Amazon Association you can easily and economically acquire quality books, music, movies, posters, reproductions, and other fine arts resources and add them to your personal collection. The assembly of books, audio CDs, DVDs, and other arts-related materials that you can obtain through this Association is called the ETAF-Amazon Collection. Thanks to the Association, any book or other arts resource that is a member of the ETAF-Amazon Collection is available to you on a preferred basis.

Learn more about this Association and how you can beneft from it by visiting this feature.

Electricka Electricka's Forums Open

A collection of discussion groups where visitors to Electricka's web site make their voices heard.

Exchange views about the arts and about Electricka's web site. Participate in discussion groups: share information and experiences with other members. Ask questions, receive answers, comment, debate issues, inform, learn, and generally have a ball. Meet others with interests similar to yours online. Exchange messages and email--all at Electricka's Forums.

Electricka Recordings And Recording - An Historic Account Open

This feature provides a concise historic record of information about people, companies, agencies, events, activities, inventions, products, technologies, sciences, dates, and other important facts that played (and are still playing) a key role in recording history.

Its scope spans many periods, media, and facets of recording and the recording industry, from technology to science to engineering; from scientists and technologists to businessmen; from research and scientific institutions to corporations to commercial outlets; and from performers and performances to venues and the public.

The Account is organized into a condensed table format, not a wordy narrative textual format. This arrangement of data and text makes it possible to rapidly and easily search for, find, and review information.

This is an Arts Information feature. See guidelines: click here

Electricka Record Grading Systems Open Here the Muse of Music explores systems for grading the quality of commercial sound recordings.
Electricka Arts Puzzles Open Have fun solving puzzles of various types and difficulty levels, all of them about the arts. Solve the puzzle or get optional help along the way. See the answers when you're ready. Crosswords, cryptograms, word searches, more.
Electricka Arts Quizzes Open Have fun answering quiz questions of various types about the arts. Take a quiz, then see the answers and your score: multiple choice, yes/no, fill-in-the-blanks, and more.
Electricka Guidelines For Arts Information Contributors Open

Here, Electricka asks you to send her a wide variety of different kinds of information about the arts that you want to see published at her web site. To be published, your information must be relevant to the interests of visitors to her web site.

It's up to you, the visitor, to decide what kind of information to send. Whatever you send should be arts-related and of a general nature. If your information fits one of the other Arts Information categories that Electricka has set up, send it there.

This is an Arts Information feature. See guidelines: click here

Electricka Tops And Flops In The Arts Open

Tops & Flops feature is a collection of lists about the arts that have been created by Electricka's visitors. Items on Tops & Flops lists are about the whos, whats, whens, wheres, and whys in the arts.

Some Tops & Flops lists show the personal preferences and opinions of visitors; they have the same purpose as the favorites lists, 10-best lists, and lists of movies that you love to hate that you're probably familiar with. Other Tops & Flops lists show information about the arts that's factual in nature and not a matter of opinion.

Lists are submitted for publication by visitors who are willing to share what they know or feel about the arts. Electricka invites you to send in a Tops & Flops list of your own. Visit the Tops & Flops guideline to find out how.

See guidelines for contributors: click here

Electricka Tools For Finding Features Fast Open

On this page, Electricka presents an overview of her navigation aids. Electricka's navigation aids are automated tools designed to help you decide which features at her web site you want to visit and to visit them quickly. With their help, you will: 1) identify features that are relevant to your interests and separate them from those that are not, and 2) quickly navigate to features you want to explore. Using these tools will help you make the most of your time at Electricka's web site.

Visit one of Electricka's muses.
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