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Electricka Lives In The Arts Open

Electricka presents biographical sketches of men and women, past or present, who have contributed to or affected the arts in a memorable way. Groups of associated artists and arts-related movements are included when the emphasis is on the personalities involved rather than the agencies or institutions.

This is a Bylines feature. See guidelines: click here

Electricka Arts Puzzles Open Have fun solving puzzles of various types and difficulty levels, all of them about the arts. Solve the puzzle or get optional help along the way. See the answers when you're ready. Crosswords, cryptograms, word searches, more.
Electricka Electricka's Artistic Credits Open

Electricka believes in giving justly-deserved credit to the creators and sources of many of the sights and sounds used at this site. Electricka and ETAF acknowledge their debt to those who have given of themselves through the years for the betterment of the arts and for the benefit of those who follow the arts. They join all followers of the Muses in thanking them.

See Electricka's artistic credits now.

Electricka Contact Electricka Open

Get in touch with Electricka at these addresses.

Electricka offers a choice of URLs for opening pages at her web site. She also offers different email addresses for sending email. The various URLs and email addresses give you options for opening pages and sending email that make getting in touch easier, more convenient, and more effective.

Electricka Electricka's E-Mail Center Open

Electricka's Email Center is the place where you get in on the email action. Here you subscribe to Electricka's e-mailings, unsubscribe, manage your email subscriptions so that they're tailor-made to your preferences, and do much more. Sign up here to receive your e-mailings from Electricka!...Your communication with Electricka is immeasurably enhanced when you do.

Electricka Technical Support Open

Electricka sincerely hopes that you are not experiencing technical problems using her web site, but if you do, here's the place at her web site where you can go to get help.

Electricka E-Mails to the Editor Open

A column similar to the letters to the editor column in a newspaper, but instead of relying on mail and newsprint Electricka communicates via browser.

Visitors may submit their questions, comments, or requests about the arts or about Electricka's web site online and see answers or comments from Electricka, her cohort muses, or other visitors.

As you may have guessed, the "E" in E-Mail stands for Electricka.

Electricka About Arts Information Features Open

Arts Information is concisely-presented non-fictional information about The art or arts-related subjects that you prepare and submit for Electricka to publish.

Send in your 1) links to other arts web sites, including your own, 2) news about arts events or personalities, 3) descriptions of arts-related places to visit online or in person--any kind of arts-related information that adds to a visitor's store of knowledge about arts sponsored by Electricka's muses.

This is an Arts Information feature. See guidelines: click here

Electricka The Second World War Era Open

Explore music of the Second World War Era, music spawned by war and the threat of war that was popular in The United States and England during the 1930s and 40s. Here The Muse Of Music demonstrates that music of The Second World War Era may be gone, but it is certainly not forgotten.

Electricka Tops And Flops In The Arts Open

Tops & Flops feature is a collection of lists about the arts that have been created by Electricka's visitors. Items on Tops & Flops lists are about the whos, whats, whens, wheres, and whys in the arts.

Some Tops & Flops lists show the personal preferences and opinions of visitors; they have the same purpose as the favorites lists, 10-best lists, and lists of movies that you love to hate that you're probably familiar with. Other Tops & Flops lists show information about the arts that's factual in nature and not a matter of opinion.

Lists are submitted for publication by visitors who are willing to share what they know or feel about the arts. Electricka invites you to send in a Tops & Flops list of your own. Visit the Tops & Flops guideline to find out how.

See guidelines for contributors: click here

Electricka Electricka's Muse Index Open

Use this index to quickly and easily identify and visit Electricka's most important pages.

Electricka Name That Muse Open Submit your ideas for names to give the muses at this site. Vote for names submitted by others.
Electricka About Downloading And Viewing Open

This page explains what you need to know to successfully download files from Electricka's web site to your home or laptop computer, eBook reader, or other device and to view and use them once downloaded.

Electricka Writing Right Product Description Open

Writing Right© is ebook software for your desktop computer, laptop, mobile, or other micro-electronic device. ETAF© developed Writing Right to help you write better prose. With it, you will detect and correct all sorts of writing mistakes you might otherwise miss and at the same time improve your writing style.

Electricka Arts Games and Other Diversions Open The place to find and work crossword puzzles, picture puzzles, quizzes, and other diversions, all based on the arts. Play these arts-related games and stretch your mental muscles!
Electricka The First World War Era Open

Explore Music Of The First World War Era—pre-war and between-the-wars music of America and its Allies during the first half of the 20th century. Here The Muse Of Music demonstrates that the music of The First World War Era may be gone, but it is certainly not forgotten.

Electricka Today In The Arts Open Each day Electricka presents a list of noteworthy birthdays and events in the arts.
Electricka Saying Of The Day Open

Each day The Muse Of Language Arts offers a new saying for your amusement and edification. Use these sayings to good advantage or just have a chuckle over them.

Sayings about the arts and other subjects, some profound, others humorous. Mottos, slogans, aphorisms, pithy sayings and other expressions, profound and humorous. Ponder them. Use them to good advantage or just have a chuckle.

This is an Arts Information feature. See guidelines: click here

Electricka Quote Of The Day Open

Each day Electricka presents a quotation of note. It may be drawn from almost any imaginable source. It may or may not be from or about the arts, although many are. It may be obscure or well-known. It may even have been rumbling about in the collective unconscious until someone like you exposed it to the light of day.

Visitors are invited to contribute a quote they believe worth knowing. If The Muses agree, the quote will be published here and the contributor will receive credit.

Each day Electricka and The Muse Of Language Arts present a quotation of note.

This is an Arts Information feature. See guidelines: click here

Electricka Arts Tidbit Of The Day Open

Each day Electricka displays a tip, tidbit, fact, or quip drawn from and about the arts or the larger world from which the arts receive their context.

A little known fact or a major, well-known idea taken from virtually any source--a piece of literature, a song, a lecture or text book, etc. A tidbit's most redeeming and essential characteristic: it must be tersely interesting. Electricka's Arts Tidbit Of The Day makes every day an Arts feast day.

This is an Arts Information feature. See guidelines: click here

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