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Electricka Technical Support Open

Electricka sincerely hopes that you are not experiencing technical problems using her web site, but if you do, here's the place at her web site where you can go to get help.

Electricka Contact Electricka Open

Get in touch with Electricka at these addresses.

Electricka offers a choice of URLs for opening pages at her web site. She also offers different email addresses for sending email. The various URLs and email addresses give you options for opening pages and sending email that make getting in touch easier, more convenient, and more effective.

Electricka Electricka's Artistic Credits Open

Electricka believes in giving justly-deserved credit to the creators and sources of many of the sights and sounds used at this site. Electricka and ETAF acknowledge their debt to those who have given of themselves through the years for the betterment of the arts and for the benefit of those who follow the arts. They join all followers of the Muses in thanking them.

See Electricka's artistic credits now.

Electricka About Downloading And Viewing Open

This page explains what you need to know to successfully download files from Electricka's web site to your home or laptop computer, eBook reader, or other device and to view and use them once downloaded.

Electricka No-Cost Downloads Open

Electricka and ETAF are pleased to offer you a selection of no-cost arts-related software you can download and run on your home or laptop computer or other devices. Among these items are writing aids, reference works, documents, white papers, slide shows, and programs. Come and get 'em!

Electricka Electricka's Muse Index Open

Use this index to quickly and easily identify and visit Electricka's most important pages.

Electricka Electricka's E-Mail Center Open

Electricka's Email Center is the place where you get in on the email action. Here you subscribe to Electricka's e-mailings, unsubscribe, manage your email subscriptions so that they're tailor-made to your preferences, and do much more. Sign up here to receive your e-mailings from Electricka!...Your communication with Electricka is immeasurably enhanced when you do.

Electricka About Arts Information Features Open

Arts Information is concisely-presented non-fictional information about The art or arts-related subjects that you prepare and submit for Electricka to publish.

Send in your 1) links to other arts web sites, including your own, 2) news about arts events or personalities, 3) descriptions of arts-related places to visit online or in person--any kind of arts-related information that adds to a visitor's store of knowledge about arts sponsored by Electricka's muses.

This is an Arts Information feature. See guidelines: click here

Electricka Guidelines For Arts Information Contributors Open

Here, Electricka asks you to send her a wide variety of different kinds of information about the arts that you want to see published at her web site. To be published, your information must be relevant to the interests of visitors to her web site.

It's up to you, the visitor, to decide what kind of information to send. Whatever you send should be arts-related and of a general nature. If your information fits one of the other Arts Information categories that Electricka has set up, send it there.

This is an Arts Information feature. See guidelines: click here

Electricka Automated Tables Open

Automated tables are tables at Electricka's web site that contain information about the arts in list or table-entry form. Each table is either an automated table-of-contents or it contains arts information for you to explore directly. With the aid of these tables, you can quickly, easily, and more surely locate and explore arts features that match your interests and visit them; you can find arts information that you want to have.

Looking for arts features or arts information relevant to your interests with these tables can superior to searching manually because they enable you to automatically perform keyword searches, sort or print search results, and manipulate table contents in other ways. With them you are less likely to overlook features or miss information you may want to see.

Electricka About ByLines Features Open

1) See original contributions to the arts made by visitors to Electricka's web site. 2) Find out how to publish your own original creative work of art at Electricka's web site and thereby receive ByLine credit.

This is a Bylines feature. See guidelines: click here

Electricka Publish Your Original Arts-Related Puzzle Or Quiz Open

Have fun, show off your knowledge of the arts, find an outlet for your creative juices, and get credit for your work, all at the same time.

See why you should create an original arts-related puzzle or quiz for Electricka to publish. Visit the page called The World Of Arts Games And Gaming: click here.

Your original arts-related puzzle will be published in the Arts Puzzles feature alongside other arts-related puzzles that Electricka's visitors can solve: click here.

See guidelines for Arts Puzzles: click here.

Your original arts-related quiz will be published in the Arts Quizzes feature alongside other arts-related quizzes that Electricka's visitors can solve: click here.

See guidelines for Arts Quizzes: click here.

Electricka Electricka's Guide To Navigation Open

Navigation tools help you determine what information is available on Electricka's pages. They help you decide what information you want to see, determine the location of that information, and help you to quickly and easily visit the page where it is located. Each navigation tool is a feature of Electricka's web site, a facility that helps you decide where you want to go and how to get there.

Electricka offers a variety of different kinds of navigation tools. Explore them and learn how to use them here.

Electricka Tools For Finding Features Fast Open

On this page, Electricka presents an overview of her navigation aids. Electricka's navigation aids are automated tools designed to help you decide which features at her web site you want to visit and to visit them quickly. With their help, you will: 1) identify features that are relevant to your interests and separate them from those that are not, and 2) quickly navigate to features you want to explore. Using these tools will help you make the most of your time at Electricka's web site.

Electricka Improving & Adding Features Open

Electricka is searching for ways to make the features at her web site the very best they can be. For this, she needs your help. Take any one of the actions explained here and you will have played a big part in helping her help you, other visitors, and the arts generally. Get involved now!

Electricka The List Of Features At Electricka's Web Site Open

The List Of Features At Electricka's Web Site is an automated table-of-contents that contains a list of many of the major features at Electricka's web site. It's a good way to spot features you want to explore further and visit them.

Why use this List? There are so many features to choose from, it's not always easy to find just the ones you want to see. And the list is growing all the time. The List makes spotting and visiting features as easy as 1-2-3.

Electricka About Tables Of Contents - Overview Open

A table of contents at Electricka's site (TOC) is similar to a a table of contents in a book. You can use it to find pages that contain features and information you want to see. When you see the name of a page in a TOC that you want to visit, simply click the name and the page will open. This feature explains TOCs and how to use them.

Electricka What's New At Electricka's Web Site Open

The Muses introduce features that have recently been added to this web site and give you the background on what's going on—the whos, whats, whens, wheres, and whys. They present synopses of features recently added to this web site and of existing features that have recently been augmented or changed in significant ways.

Electricka Across The Muses Open

Here, Electricka presents features about the arts that involve more than one of her cohort muses. Each Across The Muses feature explores either: 1) a single art that incorporates or melds two or more different arts, 2) distinct multiple arts that all share some single aspect of art, 3) two or more different arts that profit from comparison, or 4) the arts generally. As the term is used here, a melded art is an art form that combines or incorporates two or more separate and distinct arts into a single new and different kind of art form. Two examples are opera and film.

Electricka Genre In The Arts Open

Genre extends to fields of endeavor other than the arts. Genres can be found almost everywhere one turns, wherever there are classes or groups of similar things—hardware stores, parts departments, lumber yards, airplane hangers, and auto showrooms. But genre is an especially important aspect of the creative arts—fine arts, music, film, and literature.

Here Electricka explains and explores the meaning and importance of the concept genre in the arts.

Visit one of Electricka's muses.
Click a muse name below.

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