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Electricka Sailors & Sailing Open

The Sailors & Sailing feature is a collection of resources about nautical topics. The different resources that belong to Sailors & Sailing are all intended to assist Electricka's visitors to find their sea legs when they're reading. Each helps landlubbers or others unfamiliar with watery subjects to navigate their way safely through the mysterious and sometimes dangerous shoals of seafaring.

Literature Electricka's Speculative Fiction blog Open

What is Speculative Fiction? It’s a literary genre that includes fantasy and science fiction as sub-genres. Each of these genres has sub-genres as well. Horror and occult fiction fit the fantasy genre while alternate history and space opera are science fiction.

This blog features many of the fantasy and science fiction sub-genres. It explores stories and books and authors, and even talks about the fans and conventions that prove the popularity of these genres in today’s world.

Electricka's Specualtive Fiction blog is hosted by Urania and Uranus.

Literature Electricka's Blogs Open

Electricka and her modern-day muse cohorts—the muse’s of Film, Fine Arts, Language Arts, Literature, Music, and Mythology—created this blog to be your special place for exploring the arts, one dedicated to people who pursue and are pursued by the muses.

It's all about Electricka's web site and about topics relevant to Electricka's muses, including the arts, new and existing features, humor, novelties, things you can do or acquire, and lots more. It's hosted by Electricka and her muses.

Feel free to sit back and relax. Use your time to pursue the aspirations and inspirations the muses represent. Share their riches, inspirations, and joys.

Electricka Electricka's Search Tool Open

Quickly and conveniently search Electricka's entire web site for pages containing keywords you specify.

Language Arts Wrong Word Of The Day Open Each day The Muse Of Language Arts features a word, phrase, clause, short quotation or the like that has actually been used by someone somewhere, but is nevertheless a flagrant or grotesque misuse of the English language.
Language Arts Word Origin Of The Day Open

Each day The Muse Of Language Arts features a word, phrase, or expression whose origin is noteworthy or whose meaning and true significance may be more complex than at first meets the eye. Here you'll see what words really mean (or meant) and how they got that way. You may be in for a few surprises.

Language Arts Word Of The Day Open Each day The Muse Of Language Arts features a word, phrase, or quotation of interest for your amusement or edification.
Electricka Today In The Arts Open Each day Electricka presents a list of noteworthy birthdays and events in the arts.
Electricka Symbol Of The Week Open

Electricka publishes a new symbol each week and presents its meaning. She gives its name and explains its significance; she presents its cultural and historical background and gives other pertinent facts about it, as relevant. Compare this feature with the feature called the Graphic Symbol of the Day, for which The Muse of Fine Arts is the muse in charge.

This is a Bylines feature. See guidelines: click here

Electricka Saying Of The Day Open

Each day The Muse Of Language Arts offers a new saying for your amusement and edification. Use these sayings to good advantage or just have a chuckle over them.

Sayings about the arts and other subjects, some profound, others humorous. Mottos, slogans, aphorisms, pithy sayings and other expressions, profound and humorous. Ponder them. Use them to good advantage or just have a chuckle.

This is an Arts Information feature. See guidelines: click here

Electricka Quote Of The Day Open

Each day Electricka presents a quotation of note. It may be drawn from almost any imaginable source. It may or may not be from or about the arts, although many are. It may be obscure or well-known. It may even have been rumbling about in the collective unconscious until someone like you exposed it to the light of day.

Visitors are invited to contribute a quote they believe worth knowing. If The Muses agree, the quote will be published here and the contributor will receive credit.

Each day Electricka and The Muse Of Language Arts present a quotation of note.

This is an Arts Information feature. See guidelines: click here

Language Arts Portmanteau Word Of The Day Open Each day The Muse Of Language Arts introduces and explores a different portmanteau word for your edification and amusement.
Language Arts Latinism Of The Day Open Each day The Muse Of Language Arts publishes a new Latin word, phrase, or expression and its English equivalent.
Music Instrument Of The Week Open

Each week The Muse Of Music examines a different musical instrument or aggregation of instruments. Some instruments are commonplace, others rare or unusual. An image of the instrument and a sample of the sound it produces is provided when available. The Muse explores the instrument's cultural, historic, and emotional impact. We encounter the musicians who were famous for playing them and we relate anecdotes about them. Lots more. Hey, it was a trumpet that brought down the walls of Jericho, wasn't it?

This is a Bylines feature. See guidelines: click here

Fine Arts Graphic Symbol Of The Day Open

Each day The Muse Of Fine Arts presents a new graphic symbol drawn from any and all walks of life, past or present. The Muse Of Fine Art displays a graphic symbol you may or may not be familiar with, explains its meaning, and gives its history and origin. The emphasis is on graphic design. Compare this feature with the feature called the Symbol of the Week, for which Electricka is the muse in charge.

This is an Arts Information feature. See guidelines: click here

Electricka Did You Know? Open

Each day Electricka asks and answers a question about some aspect of the arts. You may or may not know the answer until you see it, but if you don't, you may be in for a surprise when you find out.

Electricka Arts Tidbit Of The Day Open

Each day Electricka displays a tip, tidbit, fact, or quip drawn from and about the arts or the larger world from which the arts receive their context.

A little known fact or a major, well-known idea taken from virtually any source--a piece of literature, a song, a lecture or text book, etc. A tidbit's most redeeming and essential characteristic: it must be tersely interesting. Electricka's Arts Tidbit Of The Day makes every day an Arts feast day.

This is an Arts Information feature. See guidelines: click here

Electricka The Muses' Periodic Features…of the day, …of the week Open

The Muses' Periodic Features

Electricka and her Muses publish a series of features called Periodic Features. They're periodic because they change every day or week, depending on the feature. They're a lot like the features you see in newspapers everyday or in the Sunday supplement—your horoscope, the crossword, today's weather, an editorial, movie listings, lottery results, the gossip column, advice to the lovelorn—except that they're about subjects taken from the arts.

Periodic features are about personalities, anecdotes, graphic symbols, portmanteau words, musical instruments, quotations, did-you-know?, and sayings. There are more and the list is growing all the time.

The Muses' periodic features are interesting, amusing, informative, enjoyable, and eye opening. They may even surprise you.

Check in with The Muses every day or every week to see fresh, new tidbits about the arts. Here's how:

On the FEATURES menu you'll find at the top of most pages, select DAILY FEATURES or WEEKLY FEATURES and a list of daily or weekly features will fly out. Pick any one and click to visit the feature.

Once you're at any periodic feature, can visit any other periodic feature by picking it from the Periodic Features menu box at the right side of the page.

  • Start now with the Arts Personality of the Day: click here.
Mythology Understanding Myth & Mythology Open

The true significance of myth and mythology is commonly overlooked. Many people see myths as little more than childhood amusements not worthy of serious study, like a fairy tale or a nursery rhyme; they see mythology—the study and science of myth—as an obvious and simplistic undertaking.

Here, The Muse Of Mythology will attempt to correct these misappraisals, and a lot more.

Mythology The Essential Nature Of Myth Open

Here, The Muse Of Mythology explores the characteristics and qualities that make myths myths.

All myths adhere to a set of essential, defining characteristics that they hold in common with other myths. Every myth must exhibit these defining characteristics in order to earn the right to be called by that name. In this feature, The Muse Of Mythology explores myth with the objective of unearthing these defining characteristics--of elucidating and explaining them in such a way that virtually anyone who joins The Muse on this exploration will be able to recognize a myth when he see one.

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