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the glossary of film terms

The Muse Of Film is pleased to offer you a glossary of terms about movie industry films and technology.


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about the glossary of film terms

The Glossary Of Film Terminology is a collection of definitions of terms commonly used by the movie industry.

These terms stretch back to the invention of moving pictures and to the inception of movie making for fun and profit. They span well 100 years and reach from before Edison and the Lumičre brothers up to the present day.

The words in this glossary are not about movie recording technology itself. Invention, early film recording history, modern research, and current high tech recording technology are deserving of glossaries of their own.

The primary focus of the words you'll find in this glossary is today's movie industry viewing audience. The linguistic objective is to help the ordinary movie-goer translate current and past technical, movie-making, production, distribution, and promotion terminology used by the people in the movie industry who create films and bring them to the public.

Even with this limited objective, there are amazing number of terms to deal with. The movie industry has been very busy over the years; thousands of talented specialists have spent vast sums of money, worked decades, and generated far too many terms, many of which are obsolete. And the number of new terms being generated is continuing to grow at a rapid rate.

The majority of these words are too specialized, technical, narrow, or business oriented to fit into a typical movie-goer's scope of interest. The movie business has changed so rapidly that many of them now only have historic value; and asking a user to sift through them all to find just the words of current interest would be an imposition. For all these reasons and more, The Muse Of Film has limited this collection to a small fraction of the total number of words that could be included.

If you've ever wondered about the words that show up on film credits before a film begins or after it ends, the words in this glossary are for you. If you've ever wondered about behind-the-camera operations on a sound stage, these words are for you. If you've ever wondered about best boys, cult movies, the avant-garde genre, or the difference between box office and business, these words are for you.

Do you know what the difference is between an ADR editor, a Foley artist, and an SFX editor? All three of these editors add background sounds to a movie soundtrack, but they're very different specialties.

What's a gaffer? Do you care? Find out more about them now at The Muse Of Film's Glossary Of Film Terminology.

How to access this glossary

The Muse Of Film is pleased to offer you this automated glossary of hundreds of film terms and their definitions.

The Glossary takes the form of a searchable and sortable table which may be searched with key words, sorted, printed, and otherwise arranged for your convenience.

  • Access The Muse Of Film's Glossary Of Film Terms now: click here.

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