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Writing & Publishing Techniques & Technology is an exploration of the ways and methods by which writers write and publish their materials.

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about this feature

One primary goal of Writing & Publishing Techniques & Technology is to reveal for all to see the tricks of the trade writers use when they write well, with the goal of promoting an understanding of the writing methods and techniques that produce good writing. Another primary goal is to explore the relationship between the field of writing, the writer, and the field of publishing.

A proper understanding good writing is beneficial to writers because it can help them write better; a proper understanding of good writing is beneficial to readers because it helps them assess the quality of what they read, to know what to look for in written materials, to value the writing skill of talented authors, and to appreciate and the difficulty of the writing task.

Of course, not all writing is meant to be read; but much writing is meant to be read, and usually, the more readership, the better. The relationship of writing to publication is important because publication is the process of bringing writing before the public; publication is essential if writing is to find its way into the hands of readers. Publication is also important because professional writers and publishers have to deal with each other, and this relationship can impact readers. Understanding these relationships affects everyone.

What are writing and publishing techniques and writing technologies? Stated simply, writing technique is the craft of writing well; writing technology consists of the technical means and methods used to write, that is, the means and instruments of writing; and, as the term is used here, publishing technology consists of the means, methods, media, and systems used to produce and distribute writing as seen from the writer's perspective.

writing techniques

As these terms are used in this feature, writing and publishing techniques are:

  • The manner and ability with which a writer employs the technical skills of his art and craft.
  • The body of specialized procedures and methods used to write.
  • The methods and ways of accomplishing writing.
  • The  technical skills and abilities needed to apply writing procedures or methods so as to produce well-written works.

 publishing techniques & technology

As these terms are used in this feature, writing and publishing technology are:

  • The technical knowledge writers need for the publication of their works.
  • Writing and publishing terminology and nomenclature.
  • Writing and publishing technological processes and methods, including writing and publishing instruments, implements, systems, software, and media.
  • The ways in which social groups of writers and publishers organize themselves for carrying out their tasks.
  • The procedures and methods writers use to interface with publishers to get their works published.

Technical Aspects Of Literature

The technical aspects of any written work are its properties and techniques as seen from a literary and language perspective.

All writing incorporates and is made up of technical elements like meter, form, sound (rhyme), and figures of speech. Techniques and language elements like these are common to all fields of writing; all writers use them, deliberately or subconsciously. Any particular work can by analyzed, understood, described, and classified by the combination of the writing elements it incorporates.

In this feature, The Muse Of Literature explores writing and writings from a technical and design point of viewstructure, organization, tone, style, language constructions, and all the other technical aspects that make for coherent, expressive, and effective writing, or its opposite. The Muse places the technical aspects of Literature under a reader's magnifying glass, but writers will want to take a look, too.

  • Explore The Muse Of Literature's feature called Technical Aspects of Literature: click here.

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